Laptop PC: what professional configuration for 2021?

The organization of companies has been profoundly transformed this year. And while the evolution of the health crisis is still uncertain, their priority for 2021 will be to guarantee the resilience of their activity by allowing employees to work efficiently from anywhere. Many of them this year have urgently implemented remote work strategies in order to guarantee a minimum level of productivity to employees. It is now time to take it to the next level by deploying equipment capable of offering a real quality of experience in all circumstances.

The manufacturer MSI has just launched a new range of ultrabooks specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals. Called Summit, it initially attracts the eye with a design of finesse and elegance, but it is above all on its design and its configuration that it uses to establish itself in business. The Summit E15 is a good example. The brand’s flagship sets new standards in terms of productivity and safety.

Productivity increased by two (s) notches

Formalized at the start of the school year, the 11e Intel Core processor generation (Tiger Lake) is obviously embedded in this new machine, and in its most powerful version, the Core i7. The latter displays performance 1.5 x greater than the previous generation, but above all benefits from the integration of the new Intel Iris Xe graphics circuit. This promises smoother execution of applications requiring advanced graphics rendering, such as 4K video editing for example. But the MSI Summit E15 doesn’t stop there. As the laptop is increasingly becoming the main workstation for professionals, it must be able to handle the most demanding uses. The laptop is therefore based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card. The power of the GPU will allow the use of heavy engineering, creation or analysis software, supported for this by the PCIe 4.0 connectivity of the SSD storage, which guarantees the speed of data processing operations. Another direct consequence of this configuration, the computer can support two external monitors via its two Thunderbolt 4 ports. Ideal for enjoying a large display and multitasking when the user is not in a mobile situation.

Confined data

Of course, the primary purpose of an ultrabook is to accompany its owner on all his travels. And data security is a major issue here. While awareness and training in cybersecurity best practices remain fundamental, there are solutions to protect the machine without slowing down users. FIDO2 certified strong authentication is one of them. Materialized by the Windows Hello function, it allows you to identify yourself both quickly and securely, thanks to a fingerprint reader or facial recognition. Hardware security is also ensured by the presence of a TMP2.0 module, for data encryption, as well as the “Device Lock” function, to authorize or prohibit access to the USB ports and to the SD reader. Neither data leakage to the outside nor intrusion of malicious files is thus possible. And because the MSI Summit range is designed for all professional uses, all devices comply with the MIL-STD 810G military standard. They will therefore withstand high and low temperatures, shock and vibration, humidity and dust. Enough to maintain your operations in any situation.

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