Last Stop is coming to Xbox on July 22

Finally Annapurna Interactive unveils release date for intriguing Last stop ! The supernatural adventure of Donna, John and Meena will be available on Xbox One and Series from July 22, a few days before the publisher’s showcase.

If you don’t know Last stop, this is a third person narrative adventure with magic. The game is developed by Variable State, the makers of Virginia. As for history, everything will take place in a contemporary London. You will be able to follow three protagonists with interconnected destinies!

Indeed, you will be able to follow the life of Donna, a high school student trapped in a stifling family life with an older sister who is a little too protective. You will also play as Meena, a ruthlessly ambitious professional who does everything to provide for her family. Finally, you will discover the adventures of John, the single father crumbling under debt …

This will allow you to make choices and progress through the story to find out how and why their three stories are linked. Last Stop will therefore be available on July 22, 2021, we are curious to know what happens.

Last Stop Trailer:

More information about this game:

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