Layoffs in Silicon Valley, good news for startups – International News

Over 250,000: This is the number of jobs that have disappeared globally in the tech sector since the start of the Covid crisis in March 2020, according to The vast majority of these job cuts, about 150,000, occurred in 2022, including at least 50,000 in Silicon Valley alone. And since November 1, more than 30,000 technical workers have been laid off in the region. With anecdotal announcements – such as these 200 job cuts at Oracle – to the most media-savvy, Twitter of course (5,200 or more, depending on Elon Musk’s mood) or Meta (11,000), and other Valley darlings, such as Hewlett-Packard (4000 to 6000), Cisco (4165), Stripe (1000), Salesforce (999), Lyft (743) and even Intel (200).

What is striking about this list is that all technology sectors are affected. Cryptocurrencies, of course, but also health, entertainment, real estate, infrastructure, artificial intelligence, transportation, self-driving cars…

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