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This Friday, three parties presented their list to the High Commission: Tapura Huiraatira, A Here ia Porinetia and Hau Ma’ohi. Now it is necessary to wait for an official order, which the High Commission must issue after the approval of the lists.

The move was made for three games on Friday. Jean-Claude Tan of Tapura Huiraatira, Nuihau Laurey and Nicole Sanquer of A Here ia Porinetia and Tauhiti Nena of Hau Ma’ohi presented their lists for the next territory. A formality that can take a long time because each candidate must “meet the required eligibility conditions” and produce a voter registration certificate. The declaration must also contain the signature of each candidate and a copy of their identity document. Some who remained outside had to make phone calls to clarify information. Taukhiti Nena, who first arrived at noon, returned in the afternoon.

The submission of the list completes an important stage for the parties: the distribution of their candidates. That doesn’t go smoothly. “It’s like a football team,” explains Jean-Claude Tan, “we put forward several candidates according to the section, and the president makes the choice. Wounded people? No, not really, we’re in politics. Some of the names announced at last Saturday’s convention are no longer on the final list, which has not yet been officially released. For the Windward Islands, Teura Iriti tops the list in section 1, with Eduard Fritsch in second position. Tepuarauri Teriitai tops the list at 2nd and Simplicio Lissant at 3rd, Isolde Bouchere will head the Gambier and East Tuamotu section, Benoît Cautai for the Marquesas section, Gaston Tong Sang for Sousse-les-Vents, Frédéric Riveta for the Southern islands and Tahuhu Maraura for the Western Tuamotu.

Tan Tapura

There were injuries at the Tahuiti-Nena camp when Eric Minardi left Te Nati-Rassemblement National Polynésie and Gustave Taputou left Here Ai’a. “We had five political parties, trade union groups, many elected officials, but all the people that we have gathered on the How Maohi list are people with a good spirit and a desire to develop this country for the good. Polynesians. You have to leave 73 names, and I had a hundred candidates. We had to consider everyone’s political weight…” Taukhiti Nena will release her list on Saturday afternoon.

On the side of A Here ia Porinetia, Nuihau Laurie admits that making the lists is indeed “the hardest part”.

In A Here ia Porinetia for the Windward Islands, Tiv Chaumette tops the 1st section list, Nicole Sunker 2nd and Nuihau Laurie 3rd, Felix Tokoragi will be the head of the Gambier and Tuamotu Islands section. East, Étienne Tejamoana in the Marquesas, Sylvian Teruatea in the Leeward Islands, Hereta Tanepau in the Southern Islands, and Bernard Natua in West Tuamotu (see full list below). When asked about possible alliances in the second round, Nuihau Laurie replied: “Every day is enough.”

Now the three parties must wait for the final receipt issued by the High Commission. The parties have until Monday noon to submit their list. The draw, which determines the order of nomination of candidates, will be held this Wednesday, 22 March, between the lists whose nominations will be registered. And these lists will be published in the Official Journal of French Polynesia four days after the end of the submission of lists, that is, on Friday, March 24, for the first round.

List here Ia Porinetia

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