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Every year, League of Legends changes significantly. In 2021, it was the turn of the objects to undergo an almost complete overhaul. It is also through this kind of change that there have been the elemental dragons. Contrary to usual, Riot Games will not be modifying big aspects of the game this year. The company will focus on solidifying their existing systems. Here are the details available so far of League of Legends and its changes for 2022.

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Strengthening of in-game systems

As mentioned earlier, dragons were at the center of several seasonal changes throughout their lives. They went through a lot of iterations to become what they are today. While Riot considers their evolution to be satisfactory, she considers that there is still room for improvement.

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The main purpose of dragons, in their current version, is to cause game-to-game changes. This is accomplished through changes in terrains, their various associated bonuses, etc. Developers’ attention is mainly focused on bigger changes to the map as well as an expansion of the themes associated with dragons. Therefore, we can expect changes that accentuate what is already on the Summoner’s Rift.

Next, the developers consider incorporating bonuses into certain goals for the loss-making team. Currently, there is a Shutdown system that allows you to recover bonus money when a player on the team in an unfavorable situation eliminates a dominant player. It would be a similar principle, but related to objectives like towers or dragons. Riot Games approaches this option with delicacy, because it does not want to lengthen the average length of a game that it considers satisfactory. The point is simply to give the lagging team options to come back into the game with good decisions.

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A correction to objects

The 2021 changes were exclusively related to items. The goal of their revamp was to increase the number of decisions per game and promote a better variety of items per champion. One of the impacts this has had is reducing the synergies between certain legendary items and champions.

In short, the majority of Legendary items are fine for promoting many choices, but few are ideal for the situation. This is expected to change in 2022. What’s more, there will be an increase in Mythic options for Support Champions.

In another vein, the Runes associated with the Inspiration tree will be modified. Indeed, Riot Games is not satisfied with the vision of these options. The Runes had also been the focus of a big season update. Then, the Secondary Runes will receive some adjustments.

League of Legends and its changes for 2022

Photo credit: Riot Games

A challenge system

For 2022, Riot would like to implement a challenge system. We can imagine here a system similar to the missions already incorporated in the game. It should resemble the challenge systems present in games like Rocket League or Fortnite. The example given in the press release is to obtain an S rank 120 times in ARAM. This is intended to increase the customization options for players. Riot calls this an identity of progression. Roughly speaking, the developers want to allow players to communicate their identity to everyone.

This evolution of progression aims to integrate all the systems already present. While Eternals and Champions Mastery points are a good way to show your affection and expertise towards a champion, the challenges will focus more on game modes or ways to approach League of Legends. For example, players who only play ARAM exclusively will be able to share it with everyone and proudly brandish their customization options related to this mode.

More information on League of Legends and its changes for 2022 will be available in September and October. The update will be available in the PBE from October.

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