Leak Rainbow Six Quarantine: 5 minutes of mining mission gameplay

A few days after a first big leak of more than an hour of Rainbow Six Quarantine gameplay, a new video has surfaced on the Internet allowing to discover a little more about the game which has still not been officially presented.

An extraction mission in Rainbow Six Quarantine

If the title of Ubisoft is still quite mysterious due to the fact that the publisher has not revealed many elements about it except the announcement trailer, it is today an excerpt from an extraction mission which leaked on Youtube. We first discover the preparation of equipment with the selection of gadgets, types of grenades and weapons before going into action. Immersed in a closed building infested with humanoid creatures and contaminated dog species, the player must rescue operators on land by transporting them to a point in order to extract them from the area. Once the last of the three NPCs is rescued, the mission ends and the player collects the rewards.

If Rainbow Six Quarantine still does not have a release date, we can legitimately suspect that the game will soon be unveiled in view of the recent leaks. If, however, you are impatient to immerse yourself in this new FPS, you can take a first step in the license thanks to Rainbow Six: Siege which is available in the Xbox Game Pass Console.

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