Leak reveals new underwear coming soon to The Sims 4

What would a new gaming year be like without another The Sims 4 leak? This time it’s one of their new leaked sets which is… new underwear.

Barely a day after the announcement of their new Q1 roadmap, the leak became fact. Yesterday we saw on video that they released two sets and after that we saw a photo of a pair of underwear and a tube of toothpaste with a toothbrush in hand. Shortly thereafter, many speculated that there might be a lingerie set and maybe something about toothbrush bathrooms, but we soon got a response.

EA and the Sims 4 team have been known to accidentally leak new bundles, game/gadget packs and updates, and this time someone from EA accidentally posted a picture of the new bundle. Several players accidentally saw this and took pictures of the bug before they could fix it.

Its release date has yet to be announced, but since they are already planning to add it, it is likely that the first updates to The Sims 4 will arrive soon.

Sims 4

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