Learn more about Aragon’s new features to improve digital voting solutions

The platform announced new features and integrated partnerships to improve digital voting solutions for DAOs and traditional organizations.

During a call on May 5, Ferran Reyes, Digital Marketing & Community Manager at Aragon Labs, and Ramon Canales, Product Manager at Aragon, went into detail on the latest features of Aragon.

The call included a presentation of the main functions of the new voting system Aragon Voice and Vocdoni, as well as a Q&A session.

The two representatives explained how these systems work together and what makes them different from others in space.

Aragon is a blockchain-based business management platform built on the Ethereum mainnet.

The main purpose of the platform is to enable the creators and managers of organizations to operate in a decentralized manner, excluding third parties from the main operations. He claims to simplify operations while reducing administrative costs.

Organization leaders can access Aragon’s business functions such as payroll management, accounting, fundraising, and token distribution.

Aragon claims to be an interface for the average user, not just those with extensive developer knowledge. The company hopes to attract companies operating inside and outside the decentralized space. Aragon also supports the development of decentralized applications.

ANT token

ANT is the native token of Aragon. In the ecosystem of Aragon, ANT owners retain collective governance power. The token plays an important role in the new Aragon Voice feature, which is currently in beta testing.

In February of this year, analysts suggested that the token would break through previous resistance points. A few months later, the price reached a new record – over $ 13. This timeline was before the beta of Aragon Voice and the Vocdoni integration.

However, at the time of writing, according to TradingView, ANT is hovering around $ 4.83.

Voice of Aragon

Aragon Voice is the latest development of the Aragon project. The platform will serve as a proposal and voting system that will run on top of the Vocdoni structure.

It aims to create a decentralized governance center and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).

In his own wordsAragon Voice is “a new gas-free, license-free and universally testable voting solution.”

Token holders can create offers and interact with the community to decide how to delegate tokens. Compatible tokens include the native ANT token, Uniswap (UNI) and DaiStablecoin (DAI).

The platforms provide two voting options: real-time results or encrypted. Voting results are visible in real time while the proposal is still active.

Token holders can vote and see the votes cast until the official result. On the other hand, in fixed price offers, results are not transmitted until the offer expires.

The type of proposal will determine the voting process, Reyes said.

Anchor proposal posted on the mainnet. It is safer because the proposal and the results will be on the blockchain and verified by anyone. Another option is advertising signs, which will be completely self-contained and cost-effective.

Both representatives highlighted that Aragon Voice allows people to use their voice. As long as you are the token holder, you can create proposals and vote for them.

“Ultimately, Aragon Voice gives the community a tool to organize and develop ideas they deem important,” the creators said.

While the system is not exclusively for TAA holders, they hope that TAA holders will actively interact with the platform.

Vocdoni solutions presentation

While Aragon Voice focuses on governance for token holders in the community space, Vocdoni serves as a conduit for traditional systems to interact with blockchain-based voting solutions.

The word “Vocdoni” comes from the Esperanto language, which means “to give the floor.” Founded in 2018, Vocdoni strives to create a modern, censorship-resistant, flexible, scalable and anonymous voting system. Since January 2021, he has been participating in the Aragon project.

Vocdoni’s voting protocol is what Canales calls a “paradigm shift in digital voting.” A universally verifiable, flexible and anonymous voting system that provides data availability and a communication protocol that protects against censorship. ”

However, all projects developed in the Aragon ecosystem can benefit from this technology.

Vocdoni uses decentralized technologies such as Ethereum, xDaichain, Tendermint, IPFS, unconscious evidence, and the ERC-20 census protocol.

What sets Vocdoni apart from other players in the DeFi space, such as Snapshot, is its universally verifiable and Tier 2 blockchain backbone. Tier 2 technology allows a variety of voting configurations: single-choice, multiple-choice, or quadratic.

Equally important, the system allows voting from major organizations and thousands of other projects both on and off the blockchain.

In the Catalonia region, Vokdoni recently conducted a poll in parallel with local elections. Government-issued digital certificates and voter IDs were anonymous using a cryptographic mechanism that allowed people to vote anonymously.

People were able to authenticate with digital certificates. Accordingly, Vocdoni is committed to ensuring that any organization, business or government uses this type of identification for its users.

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