LeBron James will be joining MultiVersus very soon! Check out his trailer

LeBron James will be joining MultiVersus very soon! Check out his trailer

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Available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, the free-to-play Smash Bros competitor from Warner Bros Games brings a new fighter to the battlefield: basketball star LeBron James will be joining Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo and DC Comics characters very soon!

LeBron James is coming very soon to shake up the MultiVersus fighting game’s tier roster, as evidenced by a brand new character trailer released online from Warner Bros. games. Other additions to the list should appear in the summer.

By choosing a free-to-play microtransaction game for its battle title, Warner could very well be pissed at its players. VGC has calculated the total cost of Multiversus content with big CB hits. And the additive tingles a little.

Entry to the field is already planned

We already know the roster of the next 19 characters who will soon be joining the MultiVersus cast and therefore increase the note if you’re planning on unlocking everything for Warner Bros Games’ brawler platformer. We obviously didn’t expect it so soon, but never mind, LeBron James will fight Bugs Bunny and Superman on July 26th. The basketball player was even entitled to his little announcement trailer on Twitter, very quickly revealing his shooting range.

MultiVersus, one of the free games of the summer?

With its free economic model that mirrors the main features of the League of Legends model, with completely free entry but character rotation and paid cosmetics, MultiVersus has a lot of arguments to take a small place in the market. action platformer genre, a subgenre of fighting games in which Smash Bros Ultimate dominates the competition. Community feedback on the game’s gameplay is quite positive, even if everyone agrees that it clearly doesn’t have its own competitor’s potatoes. If you want to get an opinion on the game, its beta version is already available thanks to Twitch Drops, as described in the article below:


A new brawler enters the arena: taking on Batman as Scooby-Doo’s Sammy will soon be possible thanks to the game’s arrival in open beta next week. But Warner

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