Leclerc Energies withdraws electricity offers from the market

It’s official: E.Leclerc Energies is shutting down two electricity offers. In a letter addressed to its customers, the supplier announces that from 15 October these two offers will be discontinued and will be replaced by a cost price energy offer. So what is the impact on his clients?

End of E.Leclerc Energies electricity supply

From October 15, 2021, E.Leclerc Energies will supply end of two electricity bids :

  • discount offer on invoice, which made it possible to reduce the price per kWh HT of electricity by 10% compared to the blue EDF tariff;
  • loyalty offer, where 20% of the consumption amount excluding VAT was credited to the loyalty card of E.Leclerc stores.

These two sentences will be replaced by a new electricity supply at cost which the vendor intends to launch. At the moment, only pre-registration is possible, E.Leclerc has not launched the offer yet.

What is the impact on the supplier’s customers?

What will happen to the supplier’s customers from October 15? In a letter addressed to its customers, E.Leclerc Energies indicates that solutions depend on Linky counter :

  • the house has a Linky meter or until October 15: after that the buyer will be able to take advantage of the electricity offer at cost price from E.Leclerc Energies. If he is interested in this offer, he must first register on the supplier’s website.
  • Accommodation not equipped with Linky meter and will not be until October 15th: E.Leclerc Energies recommends its customers to change suppliers before this date. For the first time in the energy sector!

If the customer does not have a Linky meter and / or is not interested in a cost price electricity offer from E.Leclerc Energies, he must subscribe at least 15 days before October 15th with your chosen energy provider

Should I subscribe to E.Leclerc Energies’ energy supply?

With widespread publicity since the inception of supplier Barry, cost-effective power offerings will become more and more prevalent in the energy market. What is it and is it worth subscribing to?

The principle of energy supply at cost (also called dynamic pricing) thing is price per kWh W is indexed on the wholesale market, namely EpexSpot. The latter fluctuates every day depending on the demand and supply of energy. As a result, this type of offer is more intended for people who are flexible about their energy consumption and therefore may change over time. This is, for example, a type of offer that may be of interest to owners of electric vehicles who will be able to charge the car at night and benefit from a bargain price per kWh HT during these time slots.

For people less confident about the energy market, this is more interesting to subscribe :

  1. supply of electricity at a fixed price, which protects against an increase in the price of kWh of W for x years;
  2. supply of electricity at an indexed price granting a percentage discount on the price of kWh without tax: the price of kWh without tax follows the changes in the blue EDF tariff, both upward and downward, while remaining x% cheaper. A good way to save money!

How attractive are E.Leclerc Energies electricity supplies at cost?Energy cost proposals are more interesting for consumers who are aware of the energy market (daily fluctuations in the price of electricity) and are especially interesting for those with an electric vehicle. For clients who want save on electricity bills, other offers are more profitable:
⚡ Cheaper electricity providers

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