Ledger raises $ 380 million

If the price of cryptocurrencies has not been good in recent weeks, that does not stop Ledger. This French company specializing in the design and manufacture of secure wallets for cryptocurrencies announces today that it has carried out a new fundraising of 380 million dollars, bringing the total valuation of the company to 1.5 billion dollars. dollars.

This Series C fundraiser brings together several private investors, led by 10T Holdings. The company was able to count on the renewed support of players who participated in the company’s previous fundraising events as well as new participants. Among Ledger’s new supporters, we find French players such as Financiere Agache, belonging to Bernard Arnault.

The objective displayed by Ledger for this fundraising is to make it possible to offer new products, to develop the Ledger live solution in order to integrate new functionalities related to decentralized finance, to develop partnerships and the integration of third-party services. as part of the development of a home and proprietary operating system. Finally, Ledger wishes to strengthen the capacities of the Ledger Enterprise Solution division, which aims to provide offers and services for companies wishing to enter the cryptocurrency sector. Ledger is taking advantage of the current craze for cryptocurrencies and intends to position itself as a key player in the sector, by offering secure solutions for the storage and exchange of digital assets. “For the future, we see ourselves as the secure gateway to this growing ecosystem” summarizes Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger.

The French company founded in 2014 has established itself as a recognized brand in the field over the years and has sold more than three million of its digital wallets. This did not prevent it from also having to undergo computer attacks and having to face their consequences today: if the security of the devices sold by Ledger has not been questioned, the company has been a victim. a data breach in 2020, leading to the dissemination of data from its customer base. A second data breach, affecting information substantially similar to the first, was declared in December 2020.

The data concerned was primarily personal data and contact information of customers who purchased a Ledger product, and this is used in a phishing attack aimed at extracting confidential information from the company’s customers. On its site, Ledger alerts its customers to the risks of such attacks and announces that it has decommissioned 392 phishing sites pretending to be Ledger in order to extract passwords and recovery phrases used to access cryptocurrencies stored on Ledger devices.

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