Legacy of Hogwarts. Can you get more than one Phoenix? Answer: PS4 Game Tip

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From Puffskeins to Kneazels to Thertrals, Hogwarts Legacy features a wide range of magical beasts for you to rescue and raise in your own vivariums. One of the rarest beasts that you can get by completing the side quest is the Phoenix. It is so rare that its feathers are one of only three materials that can be used to make the core of a wand. Wondering if you can find another one somewhere in the wild? Here’s what we know.

Can you get more than one Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy?

No, you can not. After you get your first Phoenix at the end of Phoenix Rising side quest, you will no longer be able to find Phoenix habitats in the wild. This means you won’t be able to breed Phoenixes either. Don’t worry, no matter how rare or common the beast is, they can only be resold by Brood and Peck for 120 galleons each.

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Since you only have one phoenix, it is important to take care of it in your vivarium. The fed and groomed phoenix you save at the end of the quest will produce phoenix feathers. Instead of selling them to Ollivander, you can use them on your enchanted loom to upgrade your gear. Phoenix Feathers are commonly used to level up. If you’re having trouble collecting enough feathers from your lone Phoenix, your best bet is to buy more feathers from stores. There are only two Hamlet stores that sell them, one in Pitt upon Ford and one in Irondale. Phoenix Feathers cost 700 Galleons each.

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