Legislatures: Robin Reda, Eric Werth, Emmanuel Haziza, these LR candidates funded by macronies.

Five LR defectors joined the macronies in the 12 and 19 June legislative elections.

They are among 450 candidates nominated by the Ensemble! coalition, which brings together Horizons, MoDem and ex-LaREM, which became the “Renaissance” in the June legislative elections. Recent defectors or allies of the president, they left Les Républicains to join the majority. Before them, their former party, which refuses any alliance, will present their suitors.

Former deputy, chairman of the NA committee, fascinated by the topic he hated political preparations… Here are five LRs who have joined the macronies so far.

Eric Werth

The deputy for Oise is also the chairman of the Finance Commission of the National Assembly. Before the first round of the presidential election, he refused to support Valerie Pekress and joined Emmanuel Macron.

Former budget minister Nicolas Sarkozy is running in the 4th constituency, taking a seat contested by Senlis municipal councilor Sophie Raynal. The latter worked for the LREM in a well-run presidential election, but clearly will not be rewarded. In favor of the former heavyweight LR.

Robin Reda

This former close friend of Valerie Pekress is already an MP. The former mayor of Juvisy-sur-Orge, who was still dealing with LR on the day he issued the “Together!” he was announced to be targeting Esson’s 7th constituency again at the age of 30.

During his first term, he notably distinguished himself by taking an interest in issues that were neglected by his political family, such as the legalization of cannabis. In 2021, he, along with the LREM deputies, led an information mission regarding the rules and impact of various uses of cannabis.

Marine Brenier

In the Alpes-Maritimes, this Christian Estrosi, very close to the mayor of Nice, is invested by the presidential team in the 5th arrondissement for a second term. On 29 April, she left LR after 16 years to join Horizons, Edouard Philippe’s party.

She explained her choice with the result achieved by Valerie Pekress in the presidential elections (less than 5%), when she supported her throughout the campaign.

Constance Le Grip

At 61, this deputy is included in the 6th constituency of Hauts-de-Seine. Stronghold acquired from the past the right of LAREM, where she was elected in 2017 as the only survivor of LR. Previously, she was a member of the European Parliament and also a municipal councilor in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Known for her diligence and hard work both in session and on committee, she distinguished herself in 2019 by becoming the only opposition MP to vote in favor of a bill to ratify CETA.

Emmanuel Haziza

Another LR defector, Emmanuel Haziza, set his sights on the 6th arrondissement of the Rhône. In Villeurbannaise there is an investiture of Horizons, the party of Edouard Philippe.

In 2017, she was LR’s nominee, but this attorney saw Bruno Bonnell (LaREM) win against Najat Vallo-Belkacem (PS).

New round of investments from Ensemble! expected soon. She could hand over the names of the latest LR rallies to Macron for the June vote.

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