LEGO Brawls: LEGO universes collide in a video game!

New multiplayer action game, LEGO Brawls, releases today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and GeForce NOW. This multiplayer platformer is the first of its kind to combine fighter customization, unlockable content, and fast-paced competitive gameplay in the LEGO universe.

Check out the LEGO Brawls launch trailer:

With the ability to play cross-play and many game modes, LEGO Brawls LEGO Brawls is a family video game for players of all ages, skill levels and play preferences developed and published by The LEGO Group in partnership with Red Games Co. and distributed in physical format for Bandai Namco Europe consoles.

“LEGO Brawls presents the LEGO universe in a whole new way, perfect for families. Customize your minifigure and team up with friends for high-octane action in all of the most popular LEGO themes,” he said. Murray AndrewsPublishing Manager at LEGO Games.

The game’s building and combat capabilities are an evolution of the combat/platformer genre. Players build and battle with unique LEGO minifigures to suit their personality, strategy and play style. With over 77 trillion customization options, players can choose any combination of parts, accessories, melee weapons, power-ups, emotes and names to create their characters. warrior. Upcoming events and seasonal content provide even more opportunities.

“In the one-of-a-kind LEGO approach, imagination, self-expression and wacky humor are the ingredients for authentic, light-hearted competitive play,” he said. Brian LovellCEO of Red Games Co. “LEGO Brawls is entering new territory that encourages creativity, team collaboration and pure competitive fun.”

The game features iconic levels based on LEGO themes, classic themes like LEGO Castle or Space Universe, as well as fan-favorite themes like LEGO Jurrasic World, LEGO NINJAGO and LEGO Monkie Kid.

Each level offers different game modes, unique challenges and victory conditions. In online multiplayer, players can fight in 4v4 “zone control” mode, collect collectibles in the collection mode levels, play “battle royale” mode or “free fight” mode, where the last player standing wins. In Private Play mode, players can play with friends locally or online. With crossplay capabilities, players from all over the world can team up and compete regardless of their gaming platform.

*LEGO Brawl is available on AMAZON.FR, see this link.


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