Lego Masters lands NASA astronaut for space-themed season premiere

Lego Masters takes off with the help of a NASA astronaut.

The reality show, which challenges teams of Lego enthusiasts to build their best creations out of bricks, returns to Fox Wednesday (September 21) with “Ready to Launch”, the first new episode of its third season. Host Will Arnett and Brickmasters (and Lego employees) Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard kick off the action with a space-themed challenge. (will open in a new tab).

“I want to start the third season right. Start with a real big bang. You know, just break into this competition, really reach for the stars, and I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m getting at. let’s go to space!” Arnett informs the 12 teams of two at the beginning of the episode. “Say goodbye to Earth, because for your first challenge, you’re about to build your own personalized spaceship!”

Competitors are encouraged to build a fun, colorful, personalized spaceship that will tell the judges something about their team.

Lego Masters host Will Arnett (right) with Brickmasters Amy and Jamie in front of a space station built from Lego. (Image credit: Fox/Tom Griscom)

“Even though this is the first task, we don’t make it easy for you, because your entire model will be suspended from this space station with one attachment point,” Berard said, pointing at a giant outpost that roughly looks like the International Space Station. . but completely built from toy Lego bricks.

This is not the only surprise for the teams, which this season include mother and son, brother and sister, pediatricians, firefighters and grandfathers.

“I love space and have been following it since the first satellite was launched,” said Grandpa Patrick. “I’ve been waiting 70 years to do something like this.”

To inspire the teams and give them advice as they design their structures, Arnett has a special guest who is familiar with spaceships.

“I watched a six-minute YouTube video about being an astronaut so no one here knows more about space, literally,” Arnett boasts as Jessica Meir walks in. “That’s it, we have a real NASA astronaut on the set!”

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir (left) with Lego Masters host Will Arnett and contestants Drew and Miranda. (Image credit: Fox/Tom Griscom)

A marine biologist who joined NASA astronauts in 2013, Meir spent 205 days on the International Space Station in 2020. lab with fellow NASA astronaut Christina Koch.

“It was amazing!” Meir said, describing her time at Lego Masters in an interview with “I’m a big fan of Will Arnett. [and] It was a pleasure to meet other leading, real engineers who develop Lego sets. It was a great experience to be there and it’s great to have NASA working together.”

“It’s great to have these kinds of partnerships that can really inspire kids from a very early age and get them interested in things like STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and math — and building things, building things, and just using that type. creativity,” she said.

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir on the set of Lego Masters for Ready to Launch, the space-themed season premiere on Fox. (Image credit: Fox/Tom Griscom)

Speaking of creativity, when Meir was asked about building her own Lego spacecraft, she said her craft would be both personal and practical.

“I am not an engineer, I am a biologist, so for me it will have such scientific elements and reflect a lot in nature and ensure the conservation of this planet. Of course, it will perform all the basic functions. be able to leave the planet and return successfully. These are the most important ones to make sure you can take off but also get back safely,” she told collectSPACE.

Meir wasn’t able to see the final builds while working on the Lego Masters set, but she said she was impressed with how different each team’s ideas were.

“I am very happy to see the end results. I’ll have to watch the show to see it,” she said.

Episode 1 of The Lego Masters Season 3 airs Wednesday (September 21) at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Fox.

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