Lemon Hurries: Failed Fiber Deployment, Gamers in 2022, and iPhone USB-C

This week’s content: Fed up with customers due to certain fiber deployments, the sad reality of a gamer in 2022, all about the collapse of the UST cryptocurrency and Luna, and finally the arrival of the first iPhone with a Type C USB port (…apparently under pressure from the European commission).

Arsep regrets that too many fiber optic pads carelessly

According to the latest report from the Consumer Satisfaction Observatory of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Mail and Press (Arcep), in 2021, more than one in two consumers experienced problems with their fixed network. 30% of mobile subscribers say that they have encountered a problem on the line.

The sad reality of a gamer in 2022

Reality Video Games for Girls 2022

Our joint venture section editor Chris Klippel tells us about a social experiment that highlights that the scene is still very misogynistic in general in 2022. To do this, they asked gamers to play with changed accounts so that other players would believe they were women…

Learn all about the massive UST/Luna crash

Luna crypto

One of the top 10 cryptocurrencies is approaching certain death. Also the third largest stablecoin. The head of our finance department discusses the causes of the biggest crash in the recent history of cryptocurrencies. And explains why we should not expect a (quick) return to normal.

Apple will work on iPhone with USB-C, not Lightning

Mobile phone plan

The European Commission is now requiring all smartphone manufacturers to use the universal connector standard, USB Type C ports, instead of other proprietary solutions. While most Android manufacturers have been around for a long time, Apple continues to resist the iPhone with its Lightning port. However, according to Ming-Chi Kuo’s report, the situation is about to change.

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