Lemon pomace: women’s bodies on the moon, hacking and JV addiction

This week’s content: why NASA sends these strange female bodies to the moon, in the hacking department, the new network in the IPTV scene and the detrimental effect of piracy on the film industry, and finally discover the list of games that are more addictive (in the medical sense).

NASA Sends These Weird Female Bodies to the Moon for a Good Reason

So far, only a few males have set foot on the lunar foot. This made it possible, in addition to bringing in several kilograms of lunar rock, to collect a large amount of data on the effect of radiation from the surface of the moon on the body. Alas, only men participated in the Apollo mission. This will not happen at the next meetings with the Moon. Thus, with the upcoming arrival of the Artemis mission, NASA is looking to better understand the differential effects of radiation on women’s bodies…

A new hit on the IPTV stage


The BREIN Association announces the downfall of the All-in-One-Premium-TV site, which sold pre-configured IPTV subscriptions and set-top boxes. The operation went smoothly, even if many clients of the pirate service went to a black screen. In the United Kingdom, the country where the service’s servers were located, the clients of these sites, who have not been at much risk at the moment since January 2022, are now subject to prosecution.

40% of this Marvel movie’s revenue is lost due to piracy

A Cinepolis study claims that 40% of people who have seen Black Widow watched it through piracy. However, the film had a very good start in theaters, but the attendance dropped very quickly, only a week after it began showing in the United States. In the end, the production only made $379 million worldwide, which is quite low compared to other comparable films.

According to doctors, these games are too addictive

video games

Some video games can make some predisposed people completely addicted. A fact recognized even in the corridors of the WHO, which since 2019 considers “video game disruption” to be a disease. Doctors at a private clinic in Cheshire who specialize in the treatment of this type of addiction have just published the top 20 games most often referred to by their patients.

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