Les mots d’oc: Traveling by train with your bike

E ben say una bicicleta! So, it is true that many SNCF users take their bicycles when traveling by train, for example between Murèth e Tolosa, but also between Léguevin and the pink city, from Sant Somplesi o Sant Sulpici being / from Saint Sulpice la Pointe in the Tarn o encara de Castèlnau d’Arri being / or even from Castelnaudary. Once in Toulouse, these users continue their journey by bicycle to get to their place of work. Mas early còp, ia quicòm that truca dedins aqueles trens!

But sometimes there is a problem inside these trains!

I have a brave tropel of viatjaires mas sustot, I have no pro of plaça per daissar la bicicleta dins espaci previst / these trains are very busy and above all, there is not always enough space to be able to store your bicycle. Mas las causas son a cambiar / but things are changing: dempuèi lo my de març passat, cal que cada tren our o adobat aja uèit locations per cada bicicleta / since March, all new or renovated trains must have eight spaces for bicycles on board.

So much to say that los bicicletaires esperavan aquò!

For a long time, there has been a strong expectation among cyclists. Regulations are evolving and, moreover, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has included this change in a decree published in the Official Journal. D’ara enlà, the condicions year of esser anonciadas / henceforth, the conditions must be announced: the SNCF must inform passengers, before the trip, of the conditions for transporting bicycles on board the trains. What the / however, this change only applies to rolling stock which has been purchased or renovated since last March. Les Mots d’Oc is also on France Bleu point fr.

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