Les Petits débrouillards: playful and intergenerational digital

The association Les Petits débrouillards has revived this Monday afternoon on 1 August in the Bois Blanc park in the Laubadère district of Tarbes the “Digital Summer Districts” events. Free and open to everyone, they aim to transmit information about digital technologies (programming, algorithms, robots, etc.) from generation to generation, as well as fake news. The association’s science promotion volunteers decided to organize this activity because one of the facilitators, Pascal Hahnaire, has been a digital mediator for a year and therefore takes this topic seriously.

They explain that “Electronism is affecting more and more people. Promoting this activity allows the public to experiment with many games and challenges. By allowing all generations to participate, there is transmission and exchange between children, parents and even grandparents. These workshops take place during school holidays. “But exactly,” volunteers explain to us, “we divert the school part of education, while young people study, having fun, making mistakes… There is nothing dramatic about this! Children themselves find solutions and their natural curiosity is more than that of adults. Activities include quizzes, coloring pages… and a demonstration of the Thymio learning robots. The volunteer explains to us that “the game does not require any skills or knowledge of robotics. The challenge is to learn in a fun way what sensors or programming can be.”

You can find these digital workshops from 14:30 to 17:30 in Tarbes: Thursday 4 August at Solazur and Friday 12 August at Ormeau – Bel Air; and in Lourdes: Tuesday 9 August. There will also be fun and scientific workshops “Cités Débrouillards” (from 6 years old) on Wednesdays 3 and 10 August in the Parc Bois Blanc in the Lobadère district from 14:30 to 17:30.

Information by phone 06 56 83 53 57.

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