Less Xbox Consoles Sold in Last Quarter Compared to 2021

Microsoft is a company that often overshadows even the most positive analysts when it comes to quarterly reports, but this time they mostly had rebuttals. It turns out that the chip shortage is hurting the PC market, which is down 13% due to lower Windows sales, and the operating systems division’s revenue is down 2% compared to the same quarter (April-May) 2021.

Despite this, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella noted that Windows is still doing better than before the pandemic and taking market share:

“Despite the evolution of the PC market during the quarter, we are still shipping more PCs than before the pandemic and our market share is increasing. »

Games also fell year-over-year, with revenue down 7% and Xbox hardware revenue down 11%. However, Nadella notes that the Xbox Series S/X “has been the North American market leader for three straight quarters among next-gen consoles” and that it was the second-best April-May period Xbox has ever had globally. . Microsoft says the drop is partly because the Xbox Series S/X was still pretty new and very hard to get hold of in the same quarter of 2021. Kendra Goodenough, Director of Investor Relations at Microsoft, explains to The Verge:

“We are still seeing strong demand, but with the launch we are back from the highs we have seen over the past two years. »

Even with the recession and not doing exactly what analysts expected, Microsoft is still making more money than ever, with total revenue up 12% ($51.9 billion) and net income up 2% (16. $7 billion).

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