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After 14 years of dating, Letizia from Spain and Alonso Guerrero tied the knot in 1998 and divorced a year later. Today, being very careful about his personal life, the author remains in the shadow of the one who became Queen of Spain by marrying Philip VI. This time, Alonso Guerrero released a new book on November 28, 2022 called “Las mujeres felices son una quimera”, which means “Happy women are a chimera” in French. Her book is currently being promoted throughout Spain, and fans of the Spanish royal family have one question on everyone’s lips: is this book about Queen Consort Letizia of Spain?

Indeed, since the publication in 2018 of his autobiographical novel El amor de Penny Robinson, Spaniards have wondered about this book. This book was talked about because it was inspired by real events. A simple man whose life is changed in the media, that’s what Alonso Guerrero tells on 206 pages. Although he appears under his real name, all other characters in his story have fictitious names. The author also hinted that he photographed the Queen of Spain naked. Las mujeres felices son una quimera is Alonso Guerrero’s first book since El amor de Penny Robinson. The title suggests that the story is centered around women and that one must read between the lines to gain access to new revelations about Letizia from Spain.

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Detective story

But it’s nothing. Indeed, this is a detective thriller, the story of which begins after the murder of a man staged as a suicide. The author follows Enrique Laos, an investigator who has become a victim of his own lifestyle, which leads him to dirty places, sects or even the dark web. The story follows the main theme of a former professor who loves to write stories that border on surrealism.

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