Let’s Build a Zoo – An animal park management game this summer on consoles and PC

You like zoo management games but you find that the current formula offered by Planet Zoo and Zoo Tycoon lack of originality? Rest assured ! Let’s Build a Zoo arrives this summer with a few surprises that promise some variety.

Developed by Springloaded Games and published by No More Robots, the title will allow you to create and manage your animal empire. You will have the possibility, like many games of the genre, to recruit different specialists and build attractions. Objective, to attract the greatest number of customers. In the program, more than 500 species will be present and hundreds of personalization items offered. You can decide to create a healthy environment for your animals or choose to exploit your teams and animals to earn more money.

But Let’s Build a Zoo has a peculiarity that greatly differentiates it from its competitors. That of be able to create original species. Indeed, to do so, it will suffice to push the animals to reproduction. So the title promises 300,000 possible combinations. Who has never wanted to see what the baby of a giraffe and an elephant looks like? Or that of a rabbit and a lion?

If you want to experience the game controller or keyboard / mouse in hand, a beta will be offered on Steam in May. The announcement video is also accompanied by a 9-minute gameplay video that presents the game mechanics in more detail. Official release this summer on PC and on Xbox and competing consoles in stride.

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