Letter from readers: Pensions, post-Putin, obscurantism…

Retirement: What if retirees did their part?

Paris Bouttement, Asnieres-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine)

I myself am retired, and yet I suggest that pensioners contribute to the financing of pensions. Here are some arguments to support this idea. 1. In seventy years, we have gone from 4 working per retiree to less than 1.5 working per retiree. The burden can no longer be placed exclusively on assets. 2. Pensioners no longer pay pension contributions, even if they benefit from them (the CGR does not specifically fund pensions). 3. More often than not, retirees no longer have to bear family expenses, rent, or mortgage payments. 4. Neither my generation nor the previous ones had to work 43 or 44 years, a period that risks being imposed on new generations. 5. Small pensions below €1,200 will be maintained (€1,600 for renters and mortgage payers). 6. The unions will not necessarily oppose this idea, which the workers will appreciate. 7. This measure will not cost the business anything, so there should be no objections from employers. (“The Employment Mystery of the Elderly,” L’Express, December 22).


Dominique Meyer, Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine)

We already have to think about the post-Putin period and, unfortunately, we risk choosing between plague and cholera. If he falls, we will witness an internal struggle between Prigozhin and Kadyrov, two beasts ready to kill each other for power, leading to a civil war that will devastate Russia. If he stays at the top despite his mistakes, Ukraine will have to be rebuilt and the Americans will see an additional opportunity to establish their hegemony over Europe. Of the two evils, one must choose the lesser, they say, but both will lead to disasters that will be provoked by the apprentice of the Kremlin sorcerer. (“Ukraine: Rock Star Turned Drone Pilot”, L’Express, December 22).


Paul Brenner, Flexbourg (Bas-Rhin)

The memory of “Bach’s flowers” and “lithotherapy” should prompt us to reflect on the phrase of Friedrich Nietzsche: “Convictions are more dangerous opponents of truth than lies.” (“New obscurantists”, “Express” of December 22).

“Gender Dystrophy”

Bernard Lipp, Dole (Jura)

As is often the case, Abnuss Shalmani touches on social issues with great common sense and honesty. Thus, “gender dystrophies” are becoming more and more numerous, and their management is becoming more and more irresponsible. The weakness of some countries and certain medical circles contributes to this painful evolution. Moreover, the politicization of these positions is appalling. We rightly condemn the effects of hormonal modifiers, raising hormonally treated chickens, but in the opinion of his thurifers, hormonal treatment given to a prepubescent teenager to address his existential malaise will not be detrimental in the medium to long term. ? I hope a few high-profile lawsuits change the camp fear! (“Unbearable lightness in the interpretation of the transgender issue”, “Express”, December 15).

Right in question

Bertrand da Pozzo, Villeurbanne (Rhone)

The close result of the Republicans in the presidential election shows that much remains to be done in the run-up to the next presidential election. If elections are still a long way off, the right should take advantage of this time to find an ideological body that is consonant with today’s society. Example: Knowing that the President of the Republic cannot run for re-election in 2027, the question of institutions is again brought up in the debate, as it was twenty years ago. Is it better to return to a seven-year term, not to vote for deputies on the move, as before, to allow the president to serve a third term, or not to change anything? This is a good question for a referendum. (“LR: law in progress”, L’Express, December 15).

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