Levante EDC Waterproof Modular Backpack

The Levante is a new waterproof modular backpack designed for everyday use with the ability to expand storage capacity up to 40L. Designed to protect your essential gear from water and the elements, this pack has been RFwelded and is perfect for work or play. . Thanks to its 100% waterproof design, the backpack can be completely submerged in water thanks to the welded seams and can be switched between a shoulder pack, a tote bag or a briefcase in seconds depending on your needs.

modular backpack

Early contributions for an interesting project are currently available from around £135 to £100 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a significant discount of around 30% off the suggested retail price while Kickstarter crowdfunding continues.

“It is known that liquid and contours do not mix! We develop special water protection solutions for better days. Worry less, enjoy more! Inspired by the sea, nature, extreme sports technology and great outdoor gear, we bring technical innovation to everyday life with Minimal Organized Wear I MOW. Work and hobbies are often incompatible. We tend to dress up or get ready for business presentations or everyday commutes, forgetting that our free time is just around the corner. Levante: the daily solution for advanced adventures, cycling to the office or sailing around the world.

If the Levante campaign successfully raises the required target and production goes smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime in December 2022. To learn more about the Levante waterproof modular backpack project, watch the promotional video below.

Modular Waterproof EDC Backpack

“This is MOW’s third Kickstarter campaign. Our team has over 15 years of experience designing, testing, manufacturing and shipping our products worldwide. We are aware of manufacturing risks and issues, so we thoroughly test all products before they are released to the market. Unforeseen problems may arise, and if they arise, we always solve them with the satisfaction of our customers in mind. You are all at the top of our priority list.”

“After 5 years of crowdfunding, we know what we are doing and you can be sure that we will deliver what we promise when we promise. For any unforeseen issues, transparent and timely communication is key. MOW Quality Control will work alongside our experienced manufacturing partner from day one until the last part is 100% inspected, packaged and shipped. We are ready to start as soon as the campaign ends, keeping in mind the high quality and timely delivery.”

For a complete list of all available project commitments, additional targets, additional materials and full specifications of the Waterproof Modular Backpack, please visit the official Levante Crowdfunding Campaign page by clicking on the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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