LG Art Lab allows you to buy and sell NFTs

LG has announced the launch of a new feature for its smart TVs called LG Art Lab, which is designed to let you buy and sell NFTs.

This new feature will be available on LG TVs in the US running webOS 5.0 or later. See below for more information.

A convenient allinone solution for viewing and trading NFTs at home. The platform includes the LG Art Lab Drops feature, which profiles artists and previews new work coming soon to the platform. Meanwhile, a realtime Live Drops countdown ensures that users never miss an opportunity to purchase a “freshly dropped” NFT.

Based on the Hedera Network, the most used, sustainable, enterprisegrade public ledger for the decentralized economy, LG’s new platform makes buying and selling as easy as possible, including onscreen QR codes that allow users to quickly transact through Wallypto. cryptocurrency wallet for smartphones. Once purchased, NFTs can be sold on the LG Art Lab Marketplace, where users can easily view transaction history, and in My Collection, they can admire all the artwork they own. When displayed on LG TVs with a cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio, NFT technology comes to life, especially on the company’s OLED TVs, which use selfilluminating pixels for infinite contrast, inky blacks and exceptional color fidelity.

More information about the new LG Art Lab feature can be found on the company’s website at the link below.

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