LG partners with Google to offer 3 months access to Stadia cloud gaming –

With advances in communication technology and the increasingly important deployment of optical fiber, cloud gaming is slowly evolving. Many players such as Google, Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia or even Amazon offer this service.

The concept is simple: let the server manage the game and only send the displayed data to the device, which doesn’t have to be a modern computer, to ensure a smooth experience. The only requirement is that you have a fast enough internet connection.

Cloud gaming is coming to TVs

By integrating cloud gaming into their devices, manufacturers can offer an alternative to gaming consoles. No need to buy the latest PlayStation or Xbox anymore, in exchange for a subscription, players get access to a regularly updated catalog of games without worrying about the “hardware” part.

Among all the cloud gaming offerings we’ve compared here is Google Stadia. A rumored service missing from Google I/O 2022 has been declared “dying”. However, Google doesn’t seem ready to bury their service anytime soon.

After the announcement of the partnership with Samsung, it was LG’s turn to offer its customers 3 months of free access to Stadia Pro. Stadia Pro gives you access to the Google service as well as a catalog of included games. However, for some games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, which we tested on the service, you will need to place an order.

Google is ramping up offerings to allow users to discover the benefits of cloud gaming, which despite its strengths has been struggling to catch on. Please note that people who subscribe to Google One can also take advantage of this 3-month free trial period.


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