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Liberal doctors are called to continue this week the strike movement started the day after Christmas to push for a re-evaluation of the consultation, as we learned on January 2, 2023 from the mobilization initiative collective.

“No offer” from the Minister of Health

The young team of “Doctors of Tomorrow” is already planning a nationwide event scheduled for January 5 in the afternoon in Paris, between the Panthéon and the Ministry of Health, to be hosted by François Braun. “We contacted the minister before Christmas, he replied that he would receive us on January 5, without making any other proposals,” founder Christel Odigier told AFP. According to a general practitioner, a request to meet with Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne went unanswered. “Faced with this ostrich policy, we have decided to extend our movement until January 8,” she added.

After the first movement on December 1 and 2, the collective called for the closure of doctors’ offices from December 26 to January 2. Health insurance estimated the decline in GP activity last week at between 5% and 10%, and on Monday the staff confirmed that it was about 70%.

The central demand of the team remains to increase the price of a consultation to 50 euros in order to create an “attractiveness shock” in relation to urban medicine, crushed by administrative tasks at the expense of medical time and which no longer attracts young people. “Doctors of Tomorrow” presented their own proposals to combat medical deserts, advocating “one-day practices” in resource-limited areas and stimulating employment for young medical practitioners.

Another mobilization of liberal medical biologists

A holiday strike when emergencies were saturated has been criticized by François Braun, while a five-year renegotiation of an agreement linking health insurance to liberal doctors has yet to be completed. With great understanding, the hospital doctors’ union Action Praticiens Hôpital saw the strike as “the tip of the iceberg that is the decline of our healthcare system”.

The first week of 2023 marks another mobilization of liberal medical biologists. To challenge the amount they are being asked to save, they have been urged since Monday to no longer report the results of Covid tests to track the progress of the epidemic.

The week should end with the wishes of the health-conscious President Emmanuel Macron, who will try to calm a sector in turmoil.

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