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If your license is suspended and your insurance company terminates your contract, who to contact for a new one?

Have you had a series of accidents in which you were the cause or the victim, or both? As a result, your license was suspended and your vehicle became unusable. As such, we advise you to opt for the waiver of the liability guarantee while you reinstate your rights, or change the primary driver’s name on the contract if you plan to lend your bike to a loved one.

Suspension of judicial and administrative license

There are two types of suspension:

  • IN judicial suspension pronounced by a judge and concerns serious violations of the road code or criminal code. The suspension period can be up to 5 years. Driving without a valid license, speeding, dangerous overtaking and the use of a speed sensor prohibited in France are reasons for license suspension, especially if violations are repeated.
  • IN administrative suspension is declared prefect for medical reasons or after a serious offense, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of cannabis or other drugs, refusing to have a blood alcohol test or being checked by a police officer, speeding and, more seriously, being hit and flight and, in general, any violation of the Traffic Regulations: non-observance of the rules for driving through a red light in a prohibited direction, refusal to transfer priority, refusal to obey, telephone while driving, or “an involuntary attack on the life or integrity of the person, which may lead to complete disability.” The administrative suspension takes effect no later than 72 hours after the license is saved and can range from 6 months to 1 year.

Suspension of a license: what are the reasons?

When obtaining a driver’s license, any driver receives 12 points, which cannot be lost if the traffic rules are violated. If a driver is reluctant to participate in multiple claims, he does not bear disqualification, but an outright revocation of his rights. He can retake it after 6 months if it happens for the first time, and after a year if it is repeated, in addition to the medical examination and the obligation to retake all examinations. If the license is suspended, the motorcyclist cannot drive on pain of a fine of 4,500 euros and imprisonment for 2 years.

License suspension: what are the consequences of motorcycle insurance?

The driver whose license has been suspended is a risk factor, in fact increasing his insurance premium. Insurers have two options: either terminate your contract (in this case, you will be entered in the register of terminated ones), or amend the contract (which the policyholder can refuse) to choose insurance with a minimum of guarantees, that is, third party insurance or liability insurance. In this case, the policyholder does not have access to guarantees. In addition to these risks, insurance can apply an additional premium of up to 200% higher for two years.

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