Lidl announces the big return of its best-selling robot for less than 50 euros

As usual, Lidl hit the market hard. Since Thursday, August 4, the store has been selling one of the main kitchen appliances: the Silvercrest pastry robot. And the least we can say is that the price is even lower than usual. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editors will tell you everything. You are ready ?

Lidl puts up a confectionery robot for sale at a low price

In the context of a major kitchen flash sale this Thursday, August 4th, Lidl has decided to put the kitchen essentials back on sale. What are we talking about? And, of course, the Silvercrest food processor. Designed for professionals for a long time, this device is just great. After all, thanks to him you can knead, mix and mix. Very easy to use, it will complete the most thankless tasks in just a few minutes. Indeed, kneading dough or whipping whites with your hands is not always easy.

Among the recipes that are easier to prepare, we have a few examples. We think in particular of pancakes, pizza, puff pastry, meringue or even chocolate mousse. According to the characteristics, he has nothing to envy other robots of the same kind. Indeed, you will find three accessories: an egg white whisk, a sheet or a hook. Not bad, right? When you go to see the rest, you will be subdued.

How long will this robot be available?

This 650W pastry robot is also equipped with a removable tank with a capacity of approximately 5 liters. Enough to be able to make all kinds of recipes. It also has eight speeds, an anti-splash cap, and a rotary lever with a shutter button. As always within the German brand, the device will be on sale within a few days. In fact, as long as there are stocks.

For those wishing to have one, they will need to quickly go to the Lidl store. Good news for those who have a Lidl Plus loyalty card. Indeed, they will be able to benefit from another small boost. A 5% discount on the price of a robot once a month is not bad, is it? Without the card, you can buy it for only 49.99 euros. Against 70 € on average for the cheapest models on the market. Saving 20 euros, which is important.

Other tableware for sale at Lidl

And the pastry robot isn’t the only one Lidl has singled out. Indeed, budding chefs will be catered for during this famous sale. Also on display are tableware and household appliances. We think, in particular, of an espresso machine, a mini kettle, an enamel saucepan or an electric coffee grinder. As you understand, the price is available to everyone. So if you need something from this list, try to get to your favorite store as quickly as possible.

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