LIDL at its worst, the German brand is making a statement that its customers won’t like!

Lidl France boss Michel Biero explained how inflation will affect his business in the coming months.

While Lidl always tries to guarantee its products at the lowest possible price, it’s clear that even this brand has to deal with inflation. Therefore, we should expect an increase in prices for some foodstuffs, such as poultry. Avian flu and the crisis in Ukraine have become a test for the market.

Scared of a shortage?

For LIDL’s Michel Biero, the situation is tense. He also fears a shortage of ducks for the 2022 Christmas season. Bird flu is also complicating the supply of eggs, as it destroys five to ten farms a day in France. Thus, the supply of this food product is also reduced. Prices for beef and pork will also rise by 40 cents per kilogram from next week.

Lidl rations its customers

Michel Biero also told our colleagues about the shortage of sunflower oil, mainly imported from Ukraine, which is currently at war with Russia. He mentioned the rationing of oil bottles. He asked his team to put up posters in stores to inform shoppers. The director does not want to exceed a certain number of liters purchased per person.


However, he claims that this is a precautionary measure and there is no risk of a shortage of this product on the shelves of Lidl’s French stores. In his opinion, the lack of a product on the shelves is mainly due to the anxiety of buyers who are in a hurry to buy oil, fearing a shortage. Some consumers have reservations, he said.

Lidl puts its food processor up for sale again: you can buy it here

The device returned to the market after a judge ruled that there was no Thermomix plagiarism.

The Lidl household robot is on the rise. It is a fact. Since the German company announced that it was going to put it up for sale again, interest in it has skyrocketed. So much so that even in some supermarkets there were queues of buyers who did not want to miss their block. Here we explain where and how you can buy it.

The Lidl food processor has functions very similar to those of a thermomix. So much so that Vorwerk, the owner of Thermomix, even sued the supermarket chain for patent infringement. The judge ruled in favor of the robot manufacturer, but the second instance decision gave Lidl the green light to sell the device.


The Lidl food processor is ideal for preparing soups, smoothies, vegetable, meat and pasta dishes. But it is also used to make fish, jams, pastries and more. It has 10 speeds and a turbo mixing button with pulse function, as well as automatic programs for skipping or kneading. He also has a legion of fans who even share their recipes online.

In addition, the robot allows you to program food, which, according to those who use it, is very useful. Comparisons to other much more expensive brands like Thermomix are inevitable.


Currently, according to Lidl’s website, the food processor costs €229.99. It can be purchased on the website of the same supermarket chain, where it is also possible to finance the payment within 36 months. Home delivery is carried out within one to four days. Lidl does not charge a delivery fee if the robot is purchased with a kitchen accessory (if the total amount exceeds 250 euros).

Lidl is a German supermarket chain founded in 1930. It began to expand in the 1970s in Germany, and by the end of the 1980s it was doing the same in the rest of the old continent. His first store in Spain was opened in Lleida in 1994. Since then, he has over 600 supermarkets across the country.

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