LIDL introduces a new, more efficient and much cheaper Monsieur Cuisine!

Good news for culinary lovers: the discount brand is once again listing its famous Monsieur Cuisine Silvercrest, Plus version for sale! And offered cheaper than all the food processors on the market! It’s price? 179 euro instead of 229€! Offered urgently from this Thursday, August 25!

Lidl: New Monsieur Cuisine in the spotlight

From this Thursday, August 25, you will be able to find the new version of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot on the Lidl website or directly in the store, subject to product availability. Monsieur Cuisine Silvercrest, Plus Edition lets you steam, puree, mix, knead, brown, weigh, mix and grind food in record time. This robotic cooker is equipped with several accessories: a knife, a whisk, a spatula, a cooking basket, a steamer set, and a large removable mixing bowl.

Lidl: the connected cooking robot!

What do we like most about this cooking robot offered by Lidl? Its connected function allows you to select automatic programs and cook without getting tired. The Monsieur Cuisine is also equipped with a fuse built into the lid with an indicator light to avoid accidents.

Monsieur Cuisine by Lidl: discounted price!

And what could be better than Monsieur Cuisine… at a really discounted price? Unlike the cooking robots usually sold by Lidl, this new version breaks records: 179 euros instead of 229 euros, or 50 euros less! Plus, this appliance comes with a 3-year warranty! Suffice it to say, you’ll make a good deal by getting it! But be careful, the quantity is limited to 25,000 pieces. First come – first served Equivalent in Russian: Eating late guest and bone !

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