Lidl puts the very popular food processor up for sale again

D-Day for the Lidl Silvercrest food processor. From this Thursday, August 4, the German discounter’s famous robot will be available for less than 50 euros: a price much lower than its competitors. For the lowest of these, you will have to add about twenty euros to buy an equivalent robot, such as the robot of the Proline brand (RP11), reports Les Numériques of July 29, 2022. With this type of household robot, you can knead, beat, mix and mix , enough to make homemade cakes or try out new recipes. In addition to the flat beater, kneader and whisk, the robot has an anti-splash lid with a filling hole, a stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 5 liters, which allows you to make large volumes.


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To buy it, you will have to go to the supermarket – it cannot be obtained by going to the discounter’s website. Unlike other robots, this one doesn’t have a touch screen or connected app. It has a power of 650W and a usage speed of 0 to 8. Its swivel arm makes it easy to change accessories. The only negative raised by our colleagues from Digital: the shape of the whip is different from that of competitors. This robot was already on sale last January for two weeks for a fee of 49.99 euros. As with every sale of discounter robots, the devices sold out very quickly. Be careful not to put off too long if you want to buy one.


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