Lidl robot: Monsieur Cuisine Plus returns at a low price

LIDL KITCHEN PROB. Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus by Silvercrest is back on sale this week. And since good news never comes by itself, it will be sold at a discount. How and where to get it? At what price? We tell you everything.


[Mis à jour le 24 août 2022 à 12h01] Here are two good news for food lovers:

  • Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus by Silvercrest is finally back in Lidl this weekend.
  • It will be sold at a bargain price.

Be warned, there won’t be one for everyone, with its armada of features and its low price, it should be selling like hot cakes again. Write the date in your diary!

The Monsieur Cuisine robot from Lidl, Edition Plus or Smart, which goes on sale regularly, never stays on the shelves for long. It is sold at a price 3-4 times cheaper than some competing robots, everyone is buying up. To find out when it goes on sale, and not to miss the opportunity to buy this famous robot, subscribe to the Lidl newsletter. You will be informed of his return. Where and when to buy it at the end of August? At what price? What features? We tell you everything.

While Lidl released a new version of its famous Monsieur Cuisine Smart kitchen robot in June, it is once again putting the old Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus up for sale. You will be able to get this version in the brand’s stores from August 25, 2022.

Previously priced at €229, Lidl is lowering the price of this versatile robot and will be selling the Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus starting August 25 at a floor price of €179. An advantageous offer for everyone who does not yet have a food processor. For the price, they’ll sell like hot cakes. Great gift for the start of the school year!

The heavily discounted brand praises the virtues of its food processor and in particular the many features that come with it. In terms of cooking and cooking, it has many functions such as cooking, chopping, emulsifying, mixing, weighing, browning, mixing and kneading, mashing or even steaming, and it also has 10 speeds + 1 turbo function, safety lock, built-in scales, automatic programs, power up to 1200 W, temperature adjustment from 37° to 130°, timer up to 90 minutes, mixing bowl capacity 2.2 l, rotation speed up to 5000 rpm. Many accessories are sold with the food processor: whisk, knife, spatula, cooking basket, removable mixing bowl, etc.

The iconic robot is back on June 6, 2022 at Lidl France supermarkets while stocks last. It is already sold out in many stores. Like every year, the brand may once again put its food processor up for sale before the end of the New Year holidays, but at the moment the date has not been announced. For consumers who don’t want to miss new sales, Lidl promises to warn about the appearance of the robot in their mailing list. If you’re one of those who didn’t manage to get a multifunctional robot and don’t want to wait for the next sale, individuals resell the latest version of Monsieur Cuisine on sites like Leboncoin. When the robot was released, the prices displayed on these sites were exorbitant, and usually resellers, aware of the product’s success, raise the price.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot is sold only in Lidl stores, that is, in more than 1,500 outlets, and a visit to one of the stores is mandatory, since the robot cannot be ordered online. When it’s available, you have to act fast to get the device because the brand has a habit of ordering its products in limited quantities. If the time period to arm a robot is often very short, placing goods on the shelves remains the best opportunity to arm it. When supplies run out, resale sites like Leboncoin or Rakuten are the only places to find robots, but the prices are far less attractive. Older versions of the robot, notably the Monsieur Cuisine Connect, can also be found online.

The purchase price is one of the main selling points of Le Monsieur Cuisine. For capacities equivalent or nearly known to Thermomix, a Lidl-signed robot sells for three to five times less. The Monsieur Cuisine Smart, priced at €429, is the most affordable kitchen robot on the market, despite a slight price increase over previous versions of the robot, sold for €359, due to the addition of several features. about cooking modes, how to use the device. But good news: you can take advantage of the €30 discount on your Monsieur Cuisine Smart with the Lidl+ app. It’s time to download it! Then the robot will cost you 399 euros.

The launch of Lidl’s new kitchen robot represents a rare opportunity for food lovers to have a multifunctional kitchen appliance at a low price, provided they can buy it on Lidl’s shelves in time. The device, available in limited quantities, is resold just a few days after its release at much higher prices: from 100€ more up to 1000€. On this occasion, Lidl’s marketing director Michel Bernio urged consumers to stay sane in an interview with BFM Business in early December 2021: “I urge all consumers not to buy Monsieur Cuisine Smart for 800 euros online, it’s a scam.”

What makes Monsieur Cuisine Smart so successful? The armada of features it offers is undoubtedly one of the main selling points, especially considering the price of the robot. It’s very simple, if Monsieur Cuisine Connect has already done many things, tell yourself that the Smart version is even more perfect: cook, brown, steam, knead, mix, stir, chop, chop, grind, puree, emulsify and now ferment and simmer, boil eggs, boil water, make smoothies and cook sous vide, none of that! In addition to introducing new cooking modes, the robot has increased power with its 1000W and closed the gap with the Thermomix’s 1500W. The new version of the multifunctional robot should also be more connected than its predecessors, as the robot’s digital interface has expanded its range of functions. Monsieur Cuisine Smart plays the role of a real assistant, providing access to hundreds and hundreds of recipes and explainer videos that detail each recipe step by step. The robot can also help you create shopping lists, make personalized recipe suggestions, improve recipe filtering criteria to suit your tastes and other criteria, and you can plan meals for the week, all on an 8-inch screen for optimal comfort. .

All these features are added to the possibilities introduced by Monsieur Cuisine Connect, understand that 10 speeds, turbo, temperature control, timer, Cooking-Pilot and everything else can also be found in the new SilverCrest connected robot. In terms of accessories, the built-in scale, knife, beater, inner cooking basket, outer steaming basket and spatula still meet the requirements.

Where can I find recipes for the Monsieur Cuisine smart robot?

Like the previous Monsieur Cuisine Connect model, the Smart robot model is equipped with Cooking-Pilot, a catalog of over 600 pre-loaded recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions. Moreover, the Wi-Fi function of the device allows you to receive about fifteen new recipes for free every month. If, despite this, you find yourself hitting the mark and looking for a creative outlet, the recipe books are all about Monsieur Cuisine.

Mr Kitchen: 100 must-have recipes for every day

Mr Kitchen: 100 must-have recipes for every day

New from 15.90 euros Used from 11.00 euros

Does the Monsieur Cuisine Smart have a microphone?

Although a promotional video introducing the Monsieur Cuisine Smart may be offered, the robot does not have a microphone. If the voice command is a novelty and a weighty argument in favor of the product, then it is only possible when an additional device is connected. “You need to have a Google Home to make the communication interface with Mr. Connect smart,” Numerama sign explained in November 2021. This detail is no doubt due to the controversy Mr. Kitchen was the victim of. when released. The previous version of the Lidl robot received bad publicity after customers noticed the presence of a microphone in household appliances, a microphone that was not mentioned in the instructions. When asked by the media about this controversial point, the brand justified attempts to integrate a voice control system into the robot. After the company changed its mind for technical reasons, Lidl’s purchasing director told Digital in June 2019: “However, we have decided to keep the loudspeaker and microphone in order to be able to activate voice command in a future release via an update.” In the end, another solution was chosen.

What is Mini Monsieur Cuisine Smart?

Monsieur Cuisine Smart is not the only surprise Lidl has in store for the end of 2021. After the undeniable success of the latest version of the Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot, the German brand announced the release of a smaller model of the device. , Mini Monsieur Cuisine, for 16 December. The little robot looks exactly like its big brother, except it’s smaller and its price is much lower: 34.99 euros. The device has the same parameters as the original robot, but is designed for children from three years old, hence the small size. Thanks to the multifunctional robot that has the same capabilities as the original model, the product allows even the smallest to get their hands dirty. The advantage of the robot is undoubtedly its price, more than ten times cheaper than the Monsieur Cuisine Smart, but even at that price, the mini robot comes with accessories – a spatula, a measuring cup, a mixing bowl and a plastic spatula – and a recipe book. that will delight the taste buds of young and old alike. After the stock has run out, the robot can only be found on resale sites, a few copies are sold by individuals, but prices are higher and the brand is not announcing new stock any time soon.

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