Lidl robot: the Monsieur Cuisine Connect at a low price in some stores

Lidl kitchen robot – The hard-discount brand Lidl will soon be offering a few Monsieur Cuisine Connects for sale, in a selection of stores, at bargain prices! When, at what price and in which stores can you buy it? We tell you everything.

Get ready, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot is soon back at Lidl. And since good news never comes alone, it will be offered for sale! While a complaint was filed a few months ago by Vorwerk, the manufacturer of the famous Thermomix, accusing Lidl of having violated the legislation on patent protection and thus of having plagiarized many features to create the Monsieur Cuisine Connect , the Lidl brand announces that it will put its famous robot back on sale very soon at a reduced price! These are the rest of the products from previous sales in June and December 2020. A last chance to get the Lidl robot before it disappears from the shelves? Indeed, if the procedure comes to an end as in Spain, Lidl will be forced to withdraw all its devices from sale. What is the next release date? At what price and when will the Lidl robot be sold? Here is what you need to know, including the stores where you can get the famous Monsieur Cuisine Connect.

When its Monsieur Cuisine Connect multifunction robot was launched in June 2019, Lidl experienced stockouts within hours, which had caused a crowd in some stores. No wonder when you see the price of the precious sesame. Initially sold at a price of 359 euros, then 329 euros at the end of 2020, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect will experience a big discount during the next sale, with a broken price of 279 euros. A more than attractive price compared to the 1,359 euros of the last version of the competitor Thermomix® sold by Vorwerk. With a price divided by almost five compared to the historical leader, there is no doubt, the Lidl robot will tear up like hot cakes once again!

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot from Lidl is not on sale all year round, but only occasionally. According to Lidl, the robot cooker will be available in stores from March 12, 2021. But beware, you will unfortunately not be able to buy it in all Lidl points of sale, but only in a selection of stores.

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect food processor will only be sold in 377 of the 1,500 Lidl stores in France. Only a few regions and cities are concerned. In particular, you can find it on the shelves if you live in the following departments:

  • From the Somme;
  • From the Yonne;
  • From Savoy;
  • From Puy-de-Dôme;
  • From Côte-d’Or;
  • From Isère;
  • From the Rhône;
  • From the Marne;
  • North ;
  • From Seine-Maritime;
  • Of the loire ;
  • From the Drôme;
  • Etc.

To find out if the Lidl store closest to you is affected by this commercial offer, Meet on the Lidl website. You just have to enter the name of your nearest supermarket, click on the little “+” next to the supermarket name so that it is registered. Then go to the offers / next week / sales tab, if the Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot appears here, it means that the chosen supermarket will offer it for sale on March 12, 2021, while stocks last. If not, you can repeat your search at another store. First, delete “my store preference” and search again.

No new features are planned for the Monsieur Cuisine Connect multifunction robot from Lidl. It already does it all, it mixes, weighs, cooks, kneads, steams, chops, emulsifies and cuts for you. It has 10 speeds, including a turbo function for pulse mixing. With its touch screen, it gives you very easy access to all its features. Accessories level, it is equipped with a knife, a mixer, an internal cooking basket, an external steam basket and a spatula. Its integrated scale will allow you not to miss any recipe. Connected, it allows you to download more than 800 varied recipes (including 18 new ones). You can also buy in store the book “I cook with my robot” which presents 50 express and new recipes (not included in the robot) to inspire you. The book will be marketed at a price of 9.99 euros from December 3. With the success of the robot, other cookbooks are available at Fnac: great recipes, lights …

Another robot that risks driving customers of the Lidl brand crazy! Since October 1, 2020, find in store the latest Silvercrest cooking robot. This new kitchen appliance allows you to cook all your food quickly, easily and efficiently. Thanks to the high and low pressure levels, essential nutrients are preserved. It has a stainless steel tank of more than 5 liters which allows you to simmer good meals at home for the whole family.

This new Silvercrest nugget offers no less than 12 preset cooking functions to cook your food easily:

  • Quick cooking;
  • Steam cooking ;
  • Cooking rice;
  • Soft cooking;
  • Blow ;
  • Make come back ;
  • Keep warm;
  • Make yogurts;
  • Etc.

Very easy to use, you can no longer miss cooking your dishes. The programs are saved in the appliance, you just have to prepare the ingredients and start the chosen cooking mode. You can even prepare your recipe in advance thanks to the timer function which allows delayed cooking of the dish.

Once again, Lidl brings out a food processor to a unbeatable price. The multi-cooker device is marketed in the brand’s stores priced at 64.99 euros, in the limit of the available stock. Many accessories are included with the robot, including the steamer basket with handles, a measuring cup, or even tablespoons and rice. Little extra: a cookbook is included with the robot, perfect for giving you ideas for dishes to cook. Thanks to this robot with 12 cooking modes, you no longer need to burden yourself with a steamer, a yoghurt maker, a rice cooker… A single appliance is enough for you. Enough to save both money and space in the kitchen!

You don’t know which appliance to choose between the famous Monsieur Cuisine Connect and the latest Silvercrest food processor, both marketed by Lidl? Here is something to help you. Unlike the new cooking robot, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect is not a simple appliance for cooking everything, it goes further and does everything! Thanks to it, you can weigh your food, cut it, chop it, knead it, emulsify it, or even mix it in addition to cooking it. It is also a connected food processor, a feature that the latest Silvercrest sold by Lidl does not yet offer. Another big difference, the price: the famous Monsieur Cuisine Connect is sold at a price of 359 euros against 64.99 euros for the multi-cooker robot, or almost 300 euros less.

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