Lidl strikes hard and announces the return of its flagship bestseller at a crazy price!

LIDL is doing it again with its SilverCrest food processor on sale from next Thursday. The device, available for less than 50 euros, is part of the German distributor’s “low price” policy. And this device should somewhat outshine the competition.

Unbeatable LIDL prices

This is what LIDL does best. Attract existing and new customers by offering them unbeatable prices. Most of LIDL’s loyal customers love this supermarket for what it offers. Namely, cheap clothes, garden tools, food from different countries and even kitchen appliances. In this regard, LIDL surprised its most loyal customers with the return of a bestseller.

On August 4, German brand LIDL hopes to rally consumers with its SilverCrest food processor. And the company is suffering a lot. And this despite the fact that the device is sold for less than 50 euros. By itself, it seems very difficult to beat this price. In comparison, Proline RP11 has the lowest price. And even that costs about 70 euros, which is 20 euros more. Twenty euros more, but the functions are the same. This option is a very good deal.

Brand LIDL SilverCrest

SilverCrest is a sub-brand of the famous German brand LIDL. Under this brand, all types of household appliances and household goods are sold. Home appliances, kitchen appliances, connected devices and multimedia. Or appliances for care and cosmetics. SilverCrest branded products typically come with a 2 or 3 year warranty. This means that you have the opportunity to file a claim or request a refund. And this is in the event that the corresponding product cannot be repaired or replaced during the warranty period.

On the other hand, you will not be able to find SilverCrest parts directly from these LIDL stores. If you have a problem with a defective product and need a replacement part, you can request a warranty. But only if the purchase was made within the last 2-3 years. If the product in question is one of the oldest, you can find parts in retail stores or online stores.

Robot SilverCrest

However, a low price does not necessarily mean a low quality robot. At first glance, SilverCrest has the necessary qualities of an excellent confectioner. It benefits from a traditional pastry set that consists of a whisk, beater and flat beater. Combined with the 5 liter bowl, these accessories will allow you to prepare great specialties. The only downside seems to be the shape of the whip. Indeed, we have doubts about the shape of the whip, which does not seem to be as wide as some of the other competitors.

If power should not be the subject of interpretation in itself, but is related to the motorization and architecture of the robot, it seems to be weak. It reaches only 650 watts. The LIDL has eight speeds so you can adapt to your recipe. In this way, any combinations become possible, making it a multi-tasking device. Lastly, a spill lid seems to come with the food processor to prevent spillage. Most of the more modern versions have this option, which saves you the hassle of cleaning up after you’ve baked the best baked goods you’ve ever seen. So what are you waiting for?

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