Liège, future Eldorado of Walloon video games? RTC Télé Liège

Video games are now an integral part of the cultural landscape of our society. However, this sector remains underdeveloped in French-speaking Belgium. A situation that a Liège company would like to change. Head to the Pôle Image de Liège for the discovery of Wild Bishop, video game developer and incubator.

Whether it’s 3D modeling, animation or character creation… Everyone here is working to bring Wild Bishop’s first video game to life. A first universe that is being built day after day, but above all it is a dream that comes true. “I got into computers when I was a kid, 12 years old, and a fan of video games.” says Didier Mattivi, CEO of Wild Bishop. “I had a professional background in IT banking and telecommunications. After selling my company I asked myself, with colleagues, what we could do next. This idea of ​​creating video games came back immediately, so we took 6 months and then we made Wild Bishop. “

A first “test” game

This first video game is Judgment, a sort of futuristic 4v4 handball game in which characters can use different equipment or skills to gain the upper hand over the opponent. This first achievement is also a kind of development laboratory! “When we created Wild Bishop, the desire was immediately to wonder how we could help Wallonia, which is quite poor in terms of video games, to really structure a video game industry.” explains the CEO of Wild Bishop. “This first game is used to define ‘metrics’, ‘minestrones’ and processes that will be able to allow others to also be able to work in this field of video games, since they will be able to be incubated here. make resources available to them, both human and financial, to enable projects to be ready to be shown to publishers. “

An incubator to develop the Walloon video game industry

From mid-January Wild Bishop will launch its first call for projects. To participate, you must submit a file with a game concept and be able to pitch it in 10 minutes in front of a jury. 6 applications will be selected and will be able to defend their projects before an international jury, following which the 2 best projects will be incubated for a period of 2 months. (More information on the Wild Bishop Facebook page or on their website). “After the 2 months, we will choose the best of the 2 games, with a jury.” details Didier Mattivi. “At that point, we will create a team around this project to try to take it as far as possible so that a publisher can then take over the financing and the edition of the end of the game.”

The goal: a triple A within 5 years

Wild Bishop is in its infancy but already has great ambitions. The objective is to be able to incubate 2 projects per year, but also to be able to launch, within 5 years, the creation of a triple A game, i.e. a project that includes a development budget of more than 100 million euros. .

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