Light green for Starwash

French car wash manufacturer Busitec, under the Starwash brand, will be exhibiting at Equip Auto in October next year. An opportunity to take stock of current events in Norman society.

Presented here in position, the HP Powerjet washing robot is still Starwash’s ultimate weapon.

As in 2019 as well as in previous editions, Busitec was present at Equip Auto’s big meeting from 17 to 23 October 2022 at a booth of about 150m2 (1M038). This is enough to bring back the famous Powerjet pressure washer gantry (or robot), this time in its fifth generation, as well as the wash center.

“Leaving aside major developments, at least on a visual level, the improvements made to our machine are more technical/operational,” said Jérôme Huchet, president of Busitec. , we have worked hard on the maintenance, maintenance (central lubrication, etc.) and auxiliary part. In this latest registry, we have created a 7 days a week remote service and remote connection system as customers are very interested in this innovation.”

Leader with 15 years of experience

A national leader in the high-pressure robot segment with an annual production of 60 to 70 machines, Houlgate is silently consolidating its market share, backed by fifteen years of experience and a strong partnership with Kiehl in the chemical industry. . Enough to record a 40% increase in turnover over the past two years, which now borders on 8 million euros.

“Today we have many customers who, having installed their first cleaning robot, are installing a second one next year,” says Jérôme Huchet. “Proof of satisfaction, if any.” Built in Houlgate, the Powerjet pressure washer has a polished stainless steel frame. Equipped with 45 stainless steel high-pressure nozzles, it allows you to perform four customizable programs, including the double sweeping technique, wax polishing and demineralized water polishing.

In addition to the wash service itself, and this really shows a certain dynamism, Starwash is strengthening its presence in the world of football, positioning itself last year as the main partner of the Stade Caen (League 2 team) through the presence on the shirts worn during home games. “Good visibility and great feedback, like Super U in Normandy,” greets Jérôme Huchet.

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