Light trails in the night captivate northerners

Moving bright spots seen in the sky on Saturday caused a stir in the north of the country.

Public broadcaster Kan said the sightings were made around 10 p.m., when the Starlink satellite network was visible over Lebanon and Turkey.

Nofar, who observed the phenomenon, told Channel 12 that the trail consisted of about 50 bright spots and moved diagonally across the sky.

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“It wasn’t a meteor: it looked more like the lights of a construction crane, but right in the middle of the sky,” she explains.

The Israeli army indicated that it had no information that could give another explanation for this phenomenon.

The lights have reportedly been spotted from Israel to Turkey.

Videos of the glowing phenomenon have been shared on social media.

The Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX are designed to provide internet services via satellite to dozens of countries. Observation windows in Israel and other countries can be viewed on the FindStarlink website.

The launch of the first Starlink satellite took place in February 2018: the network, which should be fully deployed in the coming months, will include about 1,600 satellites that will orbit the Earth in low orbit.

Earlier this year, SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk demanded that Starlink equipment be brought to Ukraine to restore internet connectivity to the country damaged by the Russian invasion.

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