Ligue 1, Champions League … on which channels to watch football and at what price?

We updated this article on 06/24, when we still do not know the details of Amazon’s plans for Ligue 1. How will the offer of its Prime Video streaming platform evolve?

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Will the price be revised upwards? Stay the same? Will there be a new SVoD service formula designed especially for French football fans? We discuss the different possibilities in this article.

Otherwise, find the details of all the broadcasters of the football competitions for the 2021-2022 season below. Matches, subscription plans, prices … everything is summarized here.

Where to watch football this season? Usually, rights are sold for several consecutive years and broadcasters do not change after grant. But now, Mediapro has reshuffled the cards for French football.

Supposed to broadcast the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 tricolors for several seasons, the Sino-Spanish group did so for a few months on its Téléfoot channel, before announcing its withdrawal. A deeply uncomfortable situation for the Professional Football League (LFP) and the clubs, while the pandemic was already putting the entire ecosystem in difficulty.

After several weeks of floating, Canal finally submitted an offer accepted by the LFP. The entirety of the rest of the L1 2020-2021 was broadcast on its antennas, while its partner beIN Sports recovered the L2.

Many expected the same pattern for the following season. But the negotiations were more complicated than expected, as Canal’s offer did not live up to the LFP’s claims.

This is whenAmazon came in, making a plump offer to the League. Thunderbolt, it accepted and almost all of French football will be broadcast on its platform. streaming Prime Video in the years to come. In the process, Canal + announced to withdraw and not want to keep two posters per day he had left.

In short, it is still and always a happy mess and the vagueness remains for the broadcasting of certain matches, but also of certain competitions (the Europa League for example …).

Prime Video, Canal +, beIN Sports, RMC Sport … there are always many football broadcasters on TV and the offer is not always very readable. To help you see more clearly, here is a summary table and a focus on the different subscriptions available in streaming and via your TV box.

Which subscription (s) to choose to watch football in the 2021/2022 season?

Offers Competitions included Price

Premier League
Champions League
Europa League
Europe Conference League

21.99 € (without commitment / 2 years)
26.99 € (1 year)
10.99 € (- 26 years old)

Sport + package
The same competitions
35.99 € (without commitment / 2 years)
44.99 € (1 year)
28.99 € (- 26 years old)
Amazon Prime Video

League 1
League 2

5.99 € (for the moment)

bein Sports

Champions League
League 2 (?)

€ 15

RMC Sport

19 € (1 year commitment)
25 € (without commitment)

1. Amazon Prime Video: which matches to watch on the platform?

After Roland Garros, Amazon Prime Video is further accelerating its sporting diversification by capturing most of French football. From August 2021, the majority of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches will be viewable on the SVoD platform. For what price? 259 million euros per year to broadcast the next three seasons.

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A great coup for the American streaming service which should make it even more attractive. It clearly relies on sport to diversify and compete with Netflix elsewhere than in the field of fictional content (films and series).

All right, but what exactly will Prime Video broadcast?

  • 8 matches of each day in Ligue 1.
  • 8 matches of each day of Ligue 2.
  • The top 10 best posters of each season.

And for what price?

On this subject, the vagueness remains. Amazon has not yet communicated on its pricing policy and the terms of its football offer. Several possibilities exist, we list them below:

  • The Prime Video offer remains the same with the arrival of French football. The subscription always costs 5.99 € per month and the integration of the round ball does not change anything.
  • Prime Video subscription increases for all subscribers. Ligue 1 is a “product” of choice, it is logical that its addition to the catalog of the platform has repercussions on its price. In this specific case, it could reach ten euros.
  • Amazon maintains its formula at € 5.99 without Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, but is also launching a dedicated offer including sport. The latter is obviously more expensive than the basic pack. This last option seems to us the most probable today, it is the one which leaves the most flexibility to Prime Video and its subscribers.

We will not fail to amend this paper when we have more details about the future offer of Amazon Prime Video with French football.

2. Canal +: which football championships to watch?

Historic football broadcaster in France, Canal + has been heckled by the competition for several years. beIN Sports, RMC Sport, Mediapro and now Amazon, the rivals are numerous and ambitious in the battle for TV rights.

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After the withdrawal of Mediapro, Canal was in a strong position and had recovered all of the L1 matches until the end of the season. The idyll could have continued, but Canal’s offer was not considered sufficient by the LFP. As a result, Amazon Prime Video has won over the nose and beard of the group led by Maxime Saada.

As a result, Canal has decided to withdraw and will no longer even broadcast the two most beautiful posters of each day. Until 2024, he will therefore no longer have French football on the channel. But that does not prevent him from keeping some great competitions.

  • The championships and competitions broadcast on Canal + in 2021-2022: English Premier League, Champions League (the two best posters of each day), Supercup, the Europa League (two best posters), Europe Conference League,
  • The championships available with the Sport + pack (beIN Sports and Canal + Sport) : Liga, SüperLig. Bundesliga and Serie A rights have yet to be awarded.
  • The price for the basic pack to watch Canal + and certain meetings : from 21.99 € / month with or without commitment. Those under 26 can take advantage of a subscription for € 10.99 / month.
  • The most complete Sport + pack with beIN Sports and Canal + Sport : from 41.99 € / month with or without commitment.

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3. beIN Sports: which football matches to watch?

beIN Sports is still one of the reference packages for fans of foreign football. In 2021-2022, the channel broadcasts the Champions League, la Liga (Spanish) SüperLig (Turkish). It is also possible that it will win the Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga whose rights have not yet been granted.

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  • The championships available on beIN Sports : Most of the Champions League matches, except 2 matches per day. La Liga and SüperLig. Two Ligue 2 meetings, even if beIN said it was ready to give it up, in solidarity with its partner Canal. Note that the rights of the Bundesliga and Serie A have not yet been granted.
  • The price : The beIN Sports Connect formula (100% digital) costs € 15 per month. For this sum, it gives access to beIN channels via smartphone, tablet, PC and consoles. The offer is non-binding and therefore cancellable whenever you wish.
  • Note that access to the channels is only via myCanal, the two players having signed an exclusivity agreement. But rest assured: you don’t need a Canal subscription to access your sports package.
  • Subscription via your operator is the alternative to benefit from the beIN Sports package. Again, the price is 15 € per month. Orange, Free, SFR and Bouygues are concerned. It’s once again without engagement.
  • If you want to kill two birds with one stone, the subscription to the Canal + Sports may be the solution. It includes Canal, beIN Sports, Eurosport and many other thematic channels. The formula without commitment (100% digital) is at 41 € 99 per month. For those under 26, it’s € 30.99 per month.

4. RMC Sport: which football competitions?

RMC Sport was created in 2016 to replace SFR Sport. In 2021-2022, she lost the Champions League and the Europa League, but retained the Premier League. Enough to convince its subscribers to stay?

  • The championships available on RMC Sport : English Premier League, Portuguese Liga NOS.
  • The price : from € 19 / month (12-month commitment), € 25 per month without commitment. The RMC Sport + beIN Sports formula is 29 € / month (1 year commitment and 35 € per month without commitment. Each time, the registration fee is 1 €.
  • For SFR box subscribers : the latter benefit from an advantageous rate increasing the subscription to 9 € / month.

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The last gray areas

Let’s recap the points that remain unclear about the TV broadcast of football next season.

  • The Amazon price, the terms of the Prime Video formula with the arrival of Ligue 1.
  • The dissemination of the two most beautiful posters of each day of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Canal says it wants to give it up and beIN could follow suit.
  • Broadcasting of most of the Europa League matches. Canal broadcasts the two most beautiful meetings of each day, in co-broadcasting with M6 for the most beautiful poster. But what about the rest of the matches which seem, for the moment, without a broadcaster.
  • For the moment, the Bundesliga and Serie A do not have a broadcaster in France. The rights for this season and those to come have not yet been awarded. Whoever obtains them could significantly increase the attractiveness of one is offering.

Our advice to be in the mood, just like at the stadium

Which 4K TV to choose for watching football?

To watch sport in the best possible conditions, you need TVs capable of displaying the most fluid image possible. Three main criteria allow this to be determined.

Firstly there is the afterglow time. To put it simply, it represents the time it takes for the television to erase the previous image and display the next one.

Then there is refresh rate which determines the number of images displayed on the screen per second. The more there are, the smoother the action will be, quite simply. Be careful, however, you may be limited by your broadcast source.

And finally there is the motion compensation motor. It helps prevent moving objects, such as the ball, from being out of focus.

Today, most high-end televisions have a panel of at least 100 Hz. Some manufacturers stand out when it comes to motion compensation, such as Phillips and Panasonic, which are very well known in the field.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk / Pixabay

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