Lime equips its scooters with artificial intelligence against drunk driving

An end to accidents between electric scooters and pedestrians? Probably not, but Lime introduced its “Lime Vision” system this Wednesday in Paris. The device is set to revolutionize the use of electric scooters in the 200 cities where the free-floating company is located through two major innovations.

After 22:00 reactivity test

The first is advanced sidewalk detection. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the scooter will be able to distinguish between the bike path and the sidewalk in real time, regardless of the city and its signs. When the computer detects a footpath, the electric vehicle immediately slows down and beeps. The purpose is to indicate to the driver to return to the bike lane and signal the presence of the vehicle to pedestrians.

“We want to offer the safest possible service to our users, as well as to other users of public space, especially pedestrians,” says Bastien Cransac, Lime Western Europe Division Director.

Another problem that the free float company has discovered is drunk driving. Many saw the scooter as an alternative to the car when the fatal milestone of 0.5 grams was exceeded. Outside, the scooter does not eliminate ingested alcohol. Therefore, it is still dangerous to drive a vehicle that provides such poor protection when the reflexes are impaired. As such, Lime Vision imposes a reactivity test on drivers every time they drive after 22:00. If the user fails the test, the car cannot be unlocked.

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