Line-up: Objective-C begins its swan song

Objective-C, the programming language supplanted by Apple’s Swift for the development of iOS and macOS applications, has finally left the top 20 most popular languages, according to the April 2021 edition of the Tiobe Programming Index Community. Although Apple launched Swift seven years ago, Objective-C continues to feature in Tiobe’s list of the 20 most popular languages ​​in the world. As a reminder, the programming language occupied third place in the index in 2014, when Swift arrived.

Tiobe provides software quality analysis to businesses and bases its rankings on the share of total searches for each language according to several popular search engines. Over the past year, Objective-C has slowly but steadily fallen into this list. Tiobe hypothesized that Objective-C has remained popular in part because adoption of Swift has slowed, as mobile app developers turn to languages ​​that can be used to build apps across multiple platforms.

Swift, meanwhile, fell to 15th place in Tiobe’s index today, down from 11th place in April 2020.

Reappearance of a “dinosaur”

Another notable change is the reappearance of Fortran in the index at position 20, down from position 34 a year ago. Fortran, which originated at IBM in the 1950s, remains popular in scientific computing. His best ranking in the Tiobe index was 10th place in 2002.

“This dinosaur is back in the top 20 after more than 10 years. Fortran was the first commercial programming language of all time and is gaining popularity thanks to the massive need for (scientific) computation. Welcome back Fortran,” says Tiobe . Groovy, a language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), also made its return to the top 20 this month, dropping from # 48 last April to # 17 today. But he was in 10th place in January 2021, according to Tiobe.

The top 10 programming languages ​​of the month are: C, Java, Python, C ++, C #, Visual Basic, JavaScript, assembly language, PHP and SQL. Classic Visual Basic, Delphi / Object Pascal, Ruby, Go, Swift, R, Groovy, Perl, MATLAB and Fortran follow. The ranking of programming languages ​​established by analyst RedMonk for the first quarter of 2021 was dominated by JavaScript, followed by Python, Java, PHP, C #, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby and C.

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