LinkedIn: The article you need to read to make your posts successful

It’s not just an impression. Looking through your LinkedIn feed, the posts seem to have some similarities. A catchy introductory phrase, “inspirational” text and lots of emoticons. Posts on the largest professional network in the world follow each other and look the same. But when they manage to achieve many goals, they are an undeniable advantage for expanding the network and developing their own personal brand. If there is no miraculous recipe, then there are elements of respect for any good post.

First of all, every user must have a complete and attractive profile. “From a business standpoint, your LinkedIn profile should allow you to convert people. If one of them sees one of your posts and finds it relevant, they will click on your profile and then be able to go to your website or read your newsletter, for example,” suggests Mathieu Pimor, LinkedIn “ghost writer” and founder Linker agencies.

After this step, feel free to start and practice. However, be careful not to get discouraged when content is not accepted. “The only mistake is not to persist. You need to see what works and what doesn’t. You don’t have to give up,” says Guillem Salles, LinkedIn coach and “ghost writer” for business leaders.

Importance of the first three lines

However, not all LinkedIn users post for the same reason. It all depends on your profile. “For employees, posting on LinkedIn is a way to assert their legitimacy and demonstrate their competence. They can be perceived as opinion leaders. By becoming more visible, it increases their employability,” explains Guillem Salles. Managers face numerous challenges: “Attracting clients, showing off or reassuring partners is a challenge to the employer brand for future candidates. When you are in charge of an SME or ETI, we represent the company, we become the voice of the company,” continues Guillem Salles.

Then we don’t post everything and nothing. It is best to limit yourself to your area of ​​expertise and one or two strong topics. “The more your content strategy is related to your know-how, the more you will be perceived as an expert, but at the same time, the more the audience will decrease,” warns Guillem Salles, who advises “to mix topics that we approach as to talking to our clients, to our colleagues, and to trying certain posts to talk to everyone. The broader the topic, the more people can stick to it, the more attention it can generate.”

Once text exceeds three lines, LinkedIn limits its rendering. You must click to scroll down. Therefore, the first three sentences are essential. “The more we advance, the less uncertainty we have. You must publish, entertain and diversify your content, and maintain it over time. Once you write 100 posts, you will have your own style,” says Mathieu Pimor.

Picky Algorithm to Consider

In addition, each post does not apply to all of his contacts. LinkedIn has implemented an algorithm that selects content. “There is a small percentage of your network that you can see as a test panel, it’s somewhere between 4-10%. If you post, LinkedIn will show them. If they comment, click, or like, the LinkedIn algorithm sees your content as more relevant and starts increasing the reach of your posts to more people,” says Richard van der Blom, LinkedIn Trainer and author of the report on How the Professional Social Media Algorithm Works.

To attract the attention of Internet users, a photograph or illustration can be an excellent solution. “The average scroll on LinkedIn is not that long, like 12 posts and then people stop, it’s not like Instagram or Facebook. This means that you have to make sure that your message is in the top twelve,” emphasizes Richard van der Blom. User persistence, however, remains the key to success. “If you stick to the basics with a clear line, themes and anchor values ​​and post every day, you create quality content, usually in a fairly short amount of time, you can position yourself and build visibility,” Guillaume Salles guarantees.

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