LinkedIn uses a text generator to encourage subject matter experts to co-author articles.

LinkedIn is no exception to the tidal wave of generative AI models that are being integrated into all Microsoft products in one form or another. The professional social network announced on March 3, 2023, a feature of “collaborative” articles that are created with a large language model like ChatGPT based on a topic chosen by its editorial team.

LinkedIn then uses its “Skills Graph” (its database of “skills” associated with each user account) to automatically invite subject matter experts to flesh out articles, giving advice, adding more information, or sharing their experiences. LinkedIn finds it difficult to start a conversation and therefore sees the system as a way to drive activity on its platform by increasing the engagement of its users.

Community Voice of the Year badge as an award

Experts are determined according to their skills and experience, as well as their activity in the social network. Once selected, they get access to a section that says, “Help us unlock the knowledge of the community. Add your ideas to this AI-powered collaborative article.”

To reward them, the company even thought of compensation: a “Best Community Voice” badge that will appear on their profile. It will be linked to their areas of expertise and will be valid for 60 days so they continue to feed new articles. The idea put forward is that this will allow them to gain followers and relationships. Ordinary users can vote for the works they consider the best.

Since the announcement, the company has already released dozens of such products. They’ve received mixed reactions so far, with some cheering for great advice, others questioning what the experts are saying or voicing differing opinions. What’s certain is that this new feature won’t necessarily help the “social network of professionals,” the popular land of excessive “personal branding” and far-fetched anecdotes, become more authentic…

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