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This is a fact sometimes ignored by households: not all households are equal in terms of electrical power. A large house will logically need more energy to run its appliances, especially if the heating is electric, while a small apartment heated with a common gas heater will only have very limited needs. Thus, your provider assigns a certain authorized power according to the accommodation (and the demand of those who occupy it).

As the home changes, this power can be adjusted, within the limits of the capacity of the original installation. If you notice, for example, nuisance cut-outs when you plug in multiple electrical appliances simultaneously, or if you plan to switch to all-electric heating, you’ll need to know this information.

This measurement is expressed in kilovolt-amperes and is usually indicated as kVA on supplier invoices or contracts. To give you an idea of ​​what this represents, remember that 1 kVA is equal to 1,000 volt-amperes, equal to 1,000 watts. You will find this figure on your various heating appliances, electric oven, refrigerator, etc. and its power will obviously influence consumption.

1. On the Linky Meter

The easiest way to get this information is to look directly at your Linky counter if it is easily accessible. Press the right mouse button repeatedly to scroll through the information until you find the one that mentions “P SUBSCRIBED.” Above is the value currently assigned to your home.

Here is a 6kVa contract, or 6000 volt-amps/watts.

Always about power, we also find just before this mention two interesting facts to know. “APPLICATION POWER” corresponds to the apparent power currently used when we consult the dial, we can also see it fluctuate. Here with only 932 VA, we are far from the maximum set in the contract, six times higher than this figure.

apparent power

Later we also find “PUIS MAX” or “PUIS MAX SOUTIR” which is the highest value that has been reached during the current day. By consulting these settings when using powerful appliances such as an oven, ceramic hob or large appliance, you can see the consumption directly. In our case, with almost 4,000 VA, we reached 60% of the installation’s capacity at a given time of day.

Maximum power

2. Through the Enedis application by my side

We already talked about this application when we mentioned the savings that it was possible to make by tracking your consumption using the Linky connected meter. It also contains information about the subscribed power.

The free Enedis mobile application by my side invites you to monitor and analyze your electricity consumption directly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Downloads: 10547
  • Release date : 12/21/2021
  • Author : Enedys
  • License : free license
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  • Operating system: Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

To do this, simply go to the “hamburger” menu at the top left and choose the “Counter” section. There the subscribed power is indicated.

Linky Enedis application

On the other hand, we do not find the information directly as we could directly on the meter. However, this allows you to have an updated monitoring of consumption and its evolution over time.

3. Through your invoices, supplier account or Enedis

The contracted power will probably appear in your bills established by the electricity supplier or in your internet customer account of the same supplier if you have opted not to receive the bills.

More simply, it also appears in the Enedis account that anyone who uses a Linky meter has access to. By clicking on the “The meter” section, you will not only have access to the contracted power, but also to the maximum power to which you can subscribe by simple request and without the need to carry out any work.

enedis account

Now you know a little more about the power of your Linky meter, which you are currently subscribed to and which is known as “connection”. If your goal is to increase power, be aware that this modification may result in additional prices depending on different providers.

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