Linky meter: monitor your electricity consumption with the Enedis app

Who has never uttered or heard the expression, recently repeated in an advertisement for an energy supplier, “It’s not Versailles here!” ? Thrown at home this expression probably means that lights were left on for nothing. But lighting is not necessarily what will consume the most. And if you have a Linky meter, it is very easy to monitor your consumption day by day, or even hour after hour. We have tried the experiment.

More than 8 out of 10 French people already use the Linky smart meter deployed by Enedis, and all households will be equipped by the end of 2021. We will not be interested in the controversies widely relayed in the media but in the new possibilities that are emerging. offer to us with this device. Because whatever your energy supplier, an application allows you to monitor consumption, and therefore offers possibilities to optimize it. A possibility that everyone who receives an electricity bill each month will not refuse.

Registration and addition of the counter

You can follow your consumption on the Enedis online site or on an application to have your statements quickly at hand. But registration is rather done via the website which will allow you to easily associate the meter, so go on the Enedis customer account to connect or create an account (if you have a Linky meter, you are a customer, even with another energy supplier).

Once the registration formalities have been completed, our counter is added via the dedicated menu.

This involves adding the PDL or PRM, ie the unique identifier of your electricity delivery point. If you do not know it, it is easily accessible via the Linky meter by scrolling through the information using the right key.

PRM number

PDL identification

Of course, we must show a white paw to certify that we are the person holding the meter. The easiest and fastest way is going to be the use of “FranceConnect”, the government service to identify yourself on various public service sites such as taxes or the Ameli health service etc. But it is also possible to send proof of identity using a form or request the receipt of a letter, with an additional waiting period.

Identity validation

The Enedis application

Some will just view their data on the website, but the most practical is smartphone use. The app can be picked up from the Google Play Store for Android devices, or from the Apple App Store for iPhone or iOS device owners.

The free mobile application Enedis by my side invites you to monitor and analyze your electricity consumption directly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Downloads: 33
  • Release date : 25/01/2021
  • Author : Enedis
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:
  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad

Once installed and connected to an account, the “Enedis by my side” app allows you to consult various information such as advice on saving electricity or in the event of a breakdown. But the most interesting is in the counter part.

Enedis application

Even if you had not activated your account, you will find all your consumption information on the application since the installation of the Linky meter. We can see that the winter months are logically more conducive to spending electricity due to the cold, the lack of light and the tendency to be more often present at home.

You will also probably see more consumption on weekends in your presence. Sometimes big differences can enlighten us on the most greedy devices in the house. As here, for example, after a part of the household members returned from vacation, the washing machines and tumble dryers have been running at full speed, and this is immediately felt in consumption, before stabilizing.

Consumption in days

It is also interesting to follow this consumption hour after hour, but unlike the monthly and daily data, it is necessary to activate the collection beforehand.

Data collection per hour

When it’s done and after a few hours of waiting, we can also see how much daily activity affects electricity consumption. In the evening, when preparing meals, when night falls and the televisions turn on, the curve tends to rise.

Consumption monitoring per hour

And the most “geek” households like the one used for this test are not among the good students as the “Comparison” tab shows. The use of video or music streaming accounts systematically consume several devices: the operator box and / or the router, the television or a screen or even a computer, the amplifier and / or the speakers. And when the 3 or 4 family members do not have the same program, it shoots up the clock.

Consumption comparison

Of course, the application does not work miracles and simply offers to visualize what we already suspected: household appliances, heating or multimedia are greedy in electricity. But having this in the form of a graph allows awareness and gives the opportunity to engage in tests by trying to turn off certain non-essential devices, for example a computer that has remained on but that no one consults, this halogen that lights up the corridor even when no one is passing it, or even the amplifier remained on for no reason.

Having these figures to show on a telephone, almost in real time, will also make it possible to sensitize family members who would feel less concerned by this problem of energy expenditure, children and teenagers in particular. By showing them the increase in consumption as soon as they arrive in the home, it can make it more concrete that turning off electrical appliances or spending less time on a particular activity has a direct impact on a family budget that we would prefer. see serve for leisure or vacation.

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