[L’instant tech] These manufacturers who save energy thanks to data and artificial intelligence

Since the end of August, Antoine Legrand’s phone has not stopped ringing. “The ants prepared the object well before it was taken away, the cicadas panicked a little,” laughs the president of Energiency. This Rennes-based AI startup is helping companies move towards the goal set by Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne at the start of the school year: to reduce energy consumption by 10% by autumn. “Some companies have signed an energy contract for 2022, they have to revise tariffs, and the calendar does not suit them,” Antoine Legrand believes. Not being able to play on prices, they are forced to reduce volumes.

He started out as a “data scientist” in oil refineries or paper mills. Tables were still made in Excel. Suffice it to say that it was a different era. “In ten years, the landscape has changed, industries now have the infrastructure to install our platforms,” he says. The Energy software collects production data from the customer’s plant on the one hand and energy prices on the other. The company will then play on machine speeds, flows, temperatures, or even time: “When you start a factory on Monday morning, do you start all the machines at the same time or in cascade?” illustrates Antoine Legrand. . Depending on their situation, the software allows customers to achieve savings of up to 10% – just a few percent for the largest groups, but that’s a lot in terms of competitiveness. “We are a bit like Waze in terms of energy in factories,” the president smiles. We are going to show the most sober way without changing anything in quality.”

The energy gain is visible in the software


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