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Lionsgate CEO John Feltheimer says company executives have received proposals to create a major AAA video game based on the John Wick series.

The film studio is considering the idea after the success of the series, but Feltheimer is reluctant to reveal details about the project.

Lionsgate says it’s definitely interested in a video game adaptation.

Lionsgate is aiming to bring the series to more people as Feltheimer says the studio is attracting investors who can bring the John Wick video game to life.

A recent interview with the CEO of Lionsgate revealed that a new AAA John Wick game may be in development due to the show’s lack of a chance to become a video game.

According to IGN, if Lionsgate receives offers for a John Wick game, it will be the first time the franchise has been adapted for an AAA game.

If Lionsgate is adapting John Wick into a big-budget AAA game, the choreographed shootouts and fight scenes from the action movie would be perfect for this game.

Game Rant writes that fans have been looking forward to this adaptation as it has a lot of potential with in-depth knowledge that can provide a compelling storytelling experience in the game.

In addition, its development should fill a niche in the third-person shooter market, according to Comic Book.

However, there is already a game based on the John Wick Hex series created by Bithell Games.

John Wick Hex is a strategy game based on stories from the John Wick film series that gives the game a simple and smart twist.

John Wick is a top-grossing film franchise that was released in 2014 and is now the fourth installment of John Wick: Chapter 4, which will be released in 2023.

According to Game Rant, directors Chad Stahelshi and David Letich portrayed John Wick with a classic lone gunslinger look.

The success of the series can be seen in the way Keanu Reeves’ legendary costume appeared in Fortnite as part of a cross-promotion deal with Lionsgate.

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Lionsgate is no stranger to video games

Lionsgate Games is the game division of the film studio behind games like Evil Dead: The Game and Blair Witch.

In 2017, the gaming division launched a partnership project with the Power Rangers franchise with the release of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Lionsgate, along with Ridge Ventures and March Capital Partners, put up $11 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Similarly, Lionsgate also announced last year that its producers are interested in developing a game based on the popular Saw franchise.

With the news that a John Wick game could be adapted by Lionsgate, gamers can definitely look forward to it.

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