Liquid Cooled NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPU

In an effort to help companies stop climate change, NVIDIA has developed a new fluid called GPU for mainstream servers to help build highperformance, green data centers. The NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPU is the first in a line of liquidcooled graphics cards unveiled by NVIDIA this week, and at least a dozen system manufacturers plan to include these GPUs in their offerings later this year. Among them are ASUS, ASRock Rack, Foxconn Industrial Internet, GIGABYTE, H3C, Inspur, Inventec, Nettrix, QCT, Supermicro, Wiwynn and xFusion.

Liquid Cooled NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPU

“This is the start of the journey,” Smith said of the launch of liquidcooled mass accelerators. Indeed, we plan to release a version of the A100 PCIe card next year using the H100 Tensor Core GPU based on the NVIDIA Hopper architecture. We plan to support liquid cooling in our high performance data center GPUs and our NVIDIA HGX platforms for the foreseeable future.”

“For rapid adoption, modern liquidcooled GPUs provide the same performance with less power consumption. We expect these cards to provide more performance for the same power consumption in the future, which is what users say they want. “The power measurement alone doesn’t matter, the performance you get at the expense of carbon footprint is what we need to aim for,” Smith said.

“We have 10,000 customers who are counting on us to help make this journey. They want more data and more intelligence, often with the help of AI, and they want it in a sustainable way,” said Smith, a Juilliard graduate who got into technology in the early 2000s, building websites for fellow musicians. in NYC”.

“As of April, Equinix has issued $4.9 billion in green bonds. These are investmentgrade tools that Equinix will use to reduce its environmental impact by optimizing energy efficiency (PUE), an industry measure of how much power used by a data center goes directly to computing tasks.”

Source: NVIDIA

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