List of links that will automatically add the PS5 product to your cart (1 click gained in case of availability)

Many Internet users demanded a list of links which allow buyers to gain 1 click. This is now the case!
In case of sale of the product concerned, the simple fact of clicking on one of the links below will allow you to add the Playstation 5 to your basket, in 1 click. On the other hand, it is necessary that the console is available, and that the e-commerce site does not decide to change product sheet … that’s the problem!

Not all e-commerce sites have this kind of link, so we list those known to consumers on the web … for the product Playstation 5 Standard Edition :
(open another Baker tab next to the “basket” page)
* CDISCOUNT.COM (open another Cdiscount tab in the “shopping cart” page next to it, and don’t forget the 2nd product ..; see our advice here)

What to gain a precious “click”, being able to allow you to save time during the purchase (given the shortage … saving time is an important aspect sometimes). Especially useful in the event of saturation of the product page (lag, technical bug encountered).

Remember that we have referenced all purchase links on this ConsoleFun item.
And that our Twitter account @consolefun and @dealfunfr, as well as the ConsoleFun discord (and soon that of DealFun) are permanently present to help you obtain the famous St Grail (already more than 1000 photos of your console that you posted to us on the discord, whaouuuu, thank you!).


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