List of unlockable content using amiibo in Fire Emblem: Engage

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Since the announcement of the release during the Nintendo Direct in September, Fire Emblem: Engage has been constantly appearing in our columns as news about the game has been uploaded. Nintendo’s communication was perfectly timed, so we already had the impression that we knew everything about the game’s exclusive content even before it was released.

Having hit the shelves two days ago, it continues to be talked about, in particular in connection with the celebration of its release on the Nintendo Switch Online service or the announcement of the upcoming manga adaptation in Japan. Today we’ll learn more about amiibo compatibility and what they’re unlocking in this release.

Let’s start with figures compatible with the game:

  • – Chrome (Smash Bros. Ultimate series)
  • – Chrome (Fire Emblem series)
  • – Baylet
  • – Roy
  • -Daren
  • -Hatch
  • -Corrin (M)
  • – Corrine (F)
  • -March
  • -Ike
  • -Tiki
  • -Alm
  • – Celica

You will be able to scan up to 5 figurines per day starting from chapter 6 at the amiibo pavilion. This will allow you to unlock food and in-game bonuses, but not only! Indeed, they will also allow you to get fashion tickets or music tickets to exchange for clothes or music from previous episodes from the following lists:


  • – Baylet
  • – Celica
  • -Corrin
  • -Eirika
  • -Ike
  • -Leif
  • -Hatch
  • – Lin
  • -March
  • – Micah
  • – Roy
  • – Sigurd


  • – Under the new light
  • – Fate
  • – Echoes of Dawn
  • – End of everything
  • – End of the Holy War
  • – Winds of Fodlan
  • – Come on, Leif!
  • – Devotee
  • – Trouble!
  • – Wind across the plains
  • – With Mila’s divine protection

However, you will only have access to the outfits associated with the emblems that you have already received in the game.

Below is a video showing all of the costumes that can be unlocked with amiibo or by beating the game.

Fire Emblem Engage – All Unlocked Outfits and Amiibo Costumes01/22/2023

And you? What costume or music from the series do you prefer?

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